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October 31, 2007



I have been laughing my ass off at my desk - you are so awesome. The action figure really does a lot for his look. I love your cats! Poor Rudy - he's like the step-child. I think we need a Rudy appreciation day.


And first! WOO-HOO! I love Rich!


This is my favorite thing ever.


This is pure gold. If only all cat haters could figure out the pure joy of the animal is to humiliate it in a costume! Winston also kind of resembles those worms from tremors.

kathy j

it's ET!

Winston looks like E.T. in the first shot.

Madame M

You're too funny. But seriously, "viola"? ("...and viola: Jabba.") I'm going to choose to believe that was a typo, Rick.



-I love how Winston is laying on his side in the pantyhose with a look of "God, someone kill me."

-I don't want to know where you got toddler overalls to fit Rudy. Or if you had them laying around

-I'm a Williamsburg hipster for Halloween (I normally wear Old Navy, I could give a shit.) Rocking out the skinny black jeans, Adidas, ironic ringer tee, army jacket, headphones around my neck, cigarette behind the ear, a Starbucks cup, side ponytail, granny glasses, and a sign that says I'm So Fucking Ironic. Can also double as an NYU student.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Too. Awesome. For. Words.


I second the Rudy appreciation day idea. I am amazed at how willing Winston is to let you stuff him into a stocking. I tried to show my own cats the video so they could see an example of how a good cat behaves -- all I got for my efforts was a reminder of the weapons they naturally have at their disposal. That, and an ironic use of the word "pussy" aimed at Winston.

trick please

Yay! Rudy in overalls is too cute. Though I can't believe he didn't try to shake himself out of it. Oh that first pic of Winston and the one of the action figure on his back are too hilarious!

Sarah G

Winston looks eerily like Dianne in that last pic.


First of all, this was awesome. Winston & Rudy are the best. Secondly, I thought I was the only person who love the David Lynch version of Dune! Winston does look like one of the sand worms. You should really try to get high from his poop. You never know!


I'm also laughing my ass off at my desk. This post just made Halloween even more awesome. :) What awesome cats you have.


OMG. So I am new to your blog but have been by a couple of times now and I seriously can't even tell you how hilariously awesome you are!!!


That's no ordinary action figure...that's a Luke Skywalker! Is Winston actually the worm in the asteroid from Empire?

I wish I wasn't allergic to cats so I could have one to dress up. I think I'd go with Mrs. Voorhees. I'd learn to knit just to make the sweater...


I actually think I like Rudy better out of your two cats... Rudy needs more screen time, definitely.

OMFG. Rich, thank you (and Winston) for making my day. I cannot believe that cat simply let you pack him into the pantyhose!

Winston as a sandworm is about 38 shades of wrong. So wrong, it's right. Keep up the good work!

Driver B

This is a post of awesome. Thanks dude!


yes, Winston looks exacty like ET in shot #1!! It's uncanny!!


Yes. MORE RUDY TIME!!! The first photo in the mask killed me dead. I was yelled at by the co workers for laughing.

Winston in the pantyhose? It's the Caterpillar Man from Freaks!


The movie of getting winston into the pantyhose was by far the funniest thing I have seen in a while... I'm sitting in a public place by myself right now giggling like a crazy woman!


Is it me, or does the pussy-in-pantyhose resemble a tofu dog?


funniest fucking thing ever. you had me laughing during my bio lecture class!

happy halloween


I'm still laughing! Honestly! What you can do to Winston... pure gold... pure freaking gold. I had to watch the video a few times. It took me awhile to gather my composure to make this comment!

My cats never put up with my costume crap. I still have a scar from stuffing Princess into a baby sleeper when I was 10 years old. I wish I hadn't lost so much blood to take a picture of her.

Happy Halloween!

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