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October 04, 2007



I love your album reviews so much.


Keysha is cool! The Jill Scoot is the real fire!


Keyshia is such a wannabe Mary. Couldn't stand her with her off-key riffs in that garbage ass "love" song. Still not a fan.

However, I'm a huge fan/lurker of this blog. I openly heart you in secret. lol

Looking forward to Monday's ANTM recap and your take on the villainess Bianca.


I just heard "Let It Go" this morning for the first time...and I thought it *was* Mary until I walked into the room and saw the video on tv. While I loved the video, I don't know that Keyshia can stand alone without Missy and Kim.

Also, what is Alicia Keys doing with herself? Her latest song makes me think she's taking a turn with her career... towards nowhere good.


She's just tryin ta get rich, Rich.


Great review, Rich. Also, words cannot express how much I love the 300 banner.


Oddly enough, I actually like this cd because it's so much more mature than her last cd (which, admittedly, I didn't listen to all the way through because I had an unnatural dislike for her back then. Her ghetto wasn't endearing like Mary's and Lil Kim's were back in the '90's. Plus her warbling "Love" still makes my ears bleed.). But I digress, I like the cd. Jill Scott's is the best though. Much better than Beautifully Human.


i love that you compared this album to "My Life". that riff was EXACTLY the same.

anyhow, when i was in 5th grade, mary j was the shit. that album was so amazing to me. even though i couldn't relate to anything she was talking about. she just felt so wise...and withered.

i always laugh when i read your stuff. thanks for making things interesting.


Eh, they're all just versions of Mavis Staples.


I'm another person who had no business listening to Mary's My Life at about age 11, but my mom's music was what I listened to--period. (It was the Saturday afternoon rule: TV off, music on and helping her clean.) Listening to some of the tripe out there today I'm glad she did. I tried to get down with Keyshia, but I just can't.


Further, the new video for "Shoulda Let You Go" is now on the net and it sounds exactly like "Enough Cryin".

Love your review!


I love any review that begins with a Patti Page reference.

Still enjoying your stuff, Rich!:)


Damn you hit it on the nail!


i'm from the bay area....so i kinda feel her, really only cause she is from the bay....i like her, but i cant help to think that she is really trying to be mary. NO ONE will ever duplicate My Life


RICH!! Look at this :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af5_b1M7M78 Winston has a fan :O Offtopic but yea, I'm posting this on your lastest post cause you probably wont read the comments from a while back.


I just can't get this recent interview Keyshia did for Baltimore radio out of my head. She goes to the interview about as enthusiastic as my backpack and then blames it on her staff after the formal interview is over. It's that attitude of hers that repels me more than her wannabe Mary vocals. (Although I do like "Shoulda Let You Go," at least for the time being.)


You always speak the truth, Rich.

"...for the record, I love you, I love you" almost as much as I do MJB.



I'd much much MUCH prefer you wrote a full-on album review/retrospective of "MY LIFE" instead of some Keyshia Cole album.

Like Cesca and Nika, I had no reason for listening to this album on repeat when I was 9, but it still is one of the 3-4 albums I absolutely cannot live without. That album means so much to me.

Your album reviews are amazing and on-point (from one soul/R&B semi-geek to another full-on soul/R&B geek), PLEASE write more about the R&B from the '90s. They're always dead spot-on. Thanks.


Hilarious interview:



Excellent review and comparasion to My Life again you're on point :)


Keyshia... eh. Jill Scott... yes. Hate on me, haters!!


Why can't I get the image of you--reclined on your sofa in a fluffy terry cloth robe and a towel wrapped turban-style around your head, reading Sister2Sister with Winston on your lap and a glass of passionfruit Alize in one hand--out of my head?

You're almost as sassy a black woman as I am.


Didn't realize you liked Tina. You have to listen to her new song on Herbie Hancock's new tribute album to Tina Turner. "Edith and the Kingpin," it's unlike anything she's done before and it really is gorgeous.


Umm... out of the top five albums on the billboard this week. Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace is my fave.


strangely as much as this album not being spectacular..i kinda enjoyed it. i guess i just got old and trite.

Shouldve Let U Go = Enough Cryin. I second that motion.

Have u heard this cute mashup of Elliott Yamin & Mary J?

Check it out.

Wish someone would mash Keisha and Mary just to show she totally swiped Mary's swagger..

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