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October 30, 2007



baby baby baby oooohh
Too bad shes all out of wack.

Definably her best music, shes ever made.



not even if you paid me. i refuse to support the trainwreck that is britney. and i even bought "in the zone". the damage has already been done you worthless excuse of a mother and talent.


It's been on repeat all day, I was surprised by how consistent it is. Nothing to skip!


I agree with you. As far as mainstream pop albums go, Blackout is pretty great. I don't know if I would credit Britney with picking the tracks that ended up on the album tho. (Maybe picking Gimme More as the first single. It's nice and trashy.)


Rich! Dude! I've been listening to this CD over and over again for days trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me...because I actually liked a Britney album from beginning to end. But your review actually puts things in perspective...in a way that my murky muddled brain never could. I now fully accept the fact that Britney and her super-producers have actually done good! Thanks for enlightening me yo!


I agree its incredibly surprising and such great fun. It's clearly not a deep endevour but who cares? It's Britney Spears.

A part of me wishes one of the tracks was spoken word though. How fun would THAT be? Great fun, that's what it would be, GREAT!

Queen Lena

I've never wanted a Britney album in my life. I've never bought one.

I don't even have any illegally downloaded Britney tracks on my ipod.

However, this album is fucking excellent. And it makes my heart cry to think that I might actually buy it.


" a rare break from the monotony of schadenfreude"

Dude, you are a genius.

I remember hearing back sometime after the head shaving and before she lost her kids for the 1st time, that she was "working on a new album." The fact this thing even exists and is available for purchase is a miracle in itself.

I often see pictures of the Brit and wonder does no one in her entourage give a shit for this poor girl? Is there no one who when cares enough that when she shows up in a camisole and Uggs saying, "I got my new dress on yall. Let's go to Starbucks" feels the need to say "Britney, that isn't a dress. It's an undergarment. Put some britches on." Anyways, I guess my point is I'm glad her producers cared enough to give her music underpants.


If everyone was told this was a new album by Annie or a Goldfrappe protege, everyone would think it was the dance/electronica album of the year. Hands down, it's the best dance album in a long ass time. Maybe this will stop Fergie from being played on the radio.


I went down to Target today - sold out. It was sold out at another Target too. The clerk said there was a rush at the first one for it. I saw an old woman snatch up the last one.


I've been listening to the album for the last several days (I got connectionz), and I'm loving it so damn much. But the one track I don't like is "Heaven on Earth." It sounds like an outtake from Paris Hilton's album. The vocals don't sound like BritBrit at all but instead whoever sang for Paris last year.


I love britney on drugs.


1. Rich, I love you.
2. Seriously, though, it is Brit-Brit's best album ever. All of her albums are decent and she has songs that are classic, but this is the first one with literally no filler. Every song is enjoyable and feels fresh. You gotta love it.

I can only hope this is as popular as it deserves to be.


Madame M

The WaPo review didn't warm up as much to the album as others did -- I just say that to state a fact.

You are an amazing writer. I felt myself hearing along with you. Thank you.


Strange, isn't it? Hmm.


You've perfectly expressed my thoughts regarding this album.


Oh baby, baby... I have my copy.


Rich your such a creep with the sleepaway camp shim for a hero. ugh, nightmares tonight.

ya i listened to it out of curiosity but never cared for her, didn't like this either. too each there own.


I trust your reviews, but was a bit dismayed to see that you've quoted three sources that are not at all credible as far as music criticism goes.


Yes, I agree with every word! Thanks for making me less ashamed of liking this album.



For a (somewhat) positive review, you've employed some odd adjectives--"anemic?". I can see why you'd find the album sonically interesting, but I also think it's weird how music critics, including you, to a degree, have decided to praise Britney's album because it sounds as ramshackle as her life. If she had produced something that sounded slick and well-produced, something that sounded as if she gave a damn, would people have been angry with her? Should we really hold Britney to an artist's standard of "authenticity?" I'm confused.


Good for her. I won't be getting it because I'm not huge on dance music beyond Giorgio Moroder. aj, "anemic" isn't always a bad thing. It takes as much effort to show restraint sometimes.


Rolling Stone isn't a credible source as far as music criticism goes? I'll admit I don't read it, so maybe I'm out of the loop here, but isn't that kind of what the magazine is supposed to be all about?

Anyway, this review almost makes me want to buy this album, or at least download it. And for that, I can never forgive you, Rich. I share your love of all things house and house-inflected.


when she says "I like this part" at the bridge in "Break the Ice" I heard for a moment what it would have been like if Anna Nicole had ever recorded her ahlbomm. She lives in you, Britney. VLH - Never forget



Britney's 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

I'm patiently waiting for her to meet Anna Nicole Smith.

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