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October 01, 2007



I'm FIRST - Great recap, as always!!!!!!


Heather lives on my block. I see her walking around with some mohawked dude a lot. I should direct her to fourfour because...really...this was one of the best recaps yet. What a freaking crazy episode! Tyra is going for all the soapbox points this cycle.

Yay! My monday's complete!


Can we talk about how Twiggy now hates Victoria simply because Victoria called her out on the fact that "softspoken" and "insecure" are not synonymous? Hilarious. Twiggy sternly telling Victoria to "work on her charm" and screaming "NIGEL!" when he was on Victoria's side were absolutely my favorite moments.


Super duper fun recap.

I'm really getting peeved with Tyra this cycle already. Usually it takes me a little bit of time before the utter manipulation of this show begins to irk me. The green bus + no smoking + pairing the Asperger's girl up in her first elimination photo + claiming complete knowledge of the syndrome + ... oh, you've already said everything I'd say anyway.

Bad, Tyra.


Oh Rich -- I never post but I laughed so hysterically at Mila's Virginia Slims campaign I made myself a little sick. It may be one of the funniest things you have ever posted ... and we're only on elimination one!


I just want to know what the hell "sunken face" is.

Oh, and this may have been noted in the past and I'm sorry if I'm really behind the times, but did you notice that the Top Model house from Cycle 5 is the same house from Rock of Love?

Thanks for the great recap, Rich. I heart you.

Joe M

Christ, this one made me howl, Rich. The Cancer PSA's, the "NOT amused" Victoria. Well done. Alive...With Cancer! under Mila literally pissing herself with laughter wearing a a bozo wig will go down as a Four Four classic.

Man, this ep made me want a cigarette SO BAD. It's been 3 years since I quit and I'm never going back, but there's something about stillborn babies, face tumors and Tyra's sanctimonious preachin' that makes me want to reach for some Marlboro Lights (a fag ciggie if there ever was one, except maybe menthols).

Mila has obviously never watched ANTM - NEVER mock Tyra's Important Lesson Of The Day. That is a quick trip out the door, doll. You treat it with all the reverence of Holy Scripture, don't you know that?

Obviously the edit made it seem like the girls were assholes about Heather's Assburger's - no one is that cruel, not even models. But I have concerns about Heather's ability to stay past the acting, on-screen interviewing portion of the show. Girl can barely keep eye contact. You thought Nata was awkward?

Old Navy has some good jeans and a couple hot t-shirts if you care to dig under piles of clothes. Belts are nice, too. Most is just fug, though - good luck, Saliesha.


Did anyone else notice how this cycle Tyra is darker and her hair is a bit lighter? I miss the skin blends in with hair color Tyra.
Also I am loving Heather. You could totally see her Ashbergers when she was trying to pose at panel. She is the one to beat!
I'm with you on the whole hooded thing. Yuck.


Genius Work!!!! I can...cer! Hysterical.

courtney true

pretty funny stuff here - but i have to say that bianca is a b*tch i'm counting the days down to see ELIMINATED. i think this season's underlying theme is ; who's the most mentally unstable? i'm really rooting for the stripper girl to at least rock out some photo shoots .


Good Gawd! ANTM AND Fraggles? You've made my week. Thanks.


Daaaang, Rich, I love these recaps so much! They are part of the show, now - I mean, they truly complete it.
I wish I could agree with you on loving Bianca, but eeeew, I hate her. Proof of your genius is your gif of her cackling in that turquoise blankie. It really reveals her core.
LOVE YOU, dude!


Is it just me, or does Bianca's gnarled hand look like she has five fingers, not including her thumb?


You know who else has a lopsided face that drives me crazy? Shannen Doherty. Good lord, one of her eyeballs is substantially lower than the other one. Google that.


rich, i ♥ you. simple as that. great recap my dear!


RIch, you are like a ray of sunshine on my crap monday (see my blog)

seriously, reading this is like shitting rainbows into the mouth of a unicorn. your words flow over a person like a calming lava.

from the bottom of my cold heart.
thank you.


Damn you Rich, now I have to replace my keyboard and morning cup of coffee! The 'find Bianca Fraggle' pic was too much. Kudos to Rosa M for the comparison. And I always have heard Asbergers pronounced "Ass-ber-jers", so Heather's pronunciation kept tweaking my nerves. I don't know how that child is going to survive in the hellacious world of modelling, is what I thought when we were introduced to her. After hearing her Mom, I'm confident Heather has the tools and needs to remember to use them. She's still my pick.

Gayest Neil

I still miss Janice. Always will.


Loved it. And yes, the Fraggle pictures were just too much!


Jess: If you SEE her(As opposed to USED TO SEE HER)that means she didn't win and is bak in the hood, right?


I don't get this much preaching at Church!
ANTM is seriously getting on my preach nerve. Green, Tyra?! Are these girls going to paddle to their overseas gigs when they are so successful as models? The arbitrary no smoking is rich coming from the eating disorder crowd that Tyra belongs to.

Fraggle Rock ruled!


when benny popped up from behind that headless mannequin i shouted, "animated gif!!!" thanks for making my dreams come true.


Your recap is one of the few things that get me through Monday - bless you.

What did Ty say about Bianca's picture at panel - that she had or had *not* seen that face before? Because if she hasn't seen it, she really out to check out that Brandi chick.



You rock.

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