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Tyra picking girls with less than asymmetrical faces is standard procedure aside from just picking ugly girls (forget about "a beauty people don't understand". 99.9% of these girls have no biz being picked. Tyra and her ban on smoking? Gee, it would have been too much trouble to tell them before hand or put it on the application; but then where would the drama be in that? Great recap.


A Rock of Love Shout out in my ANTM day just got that much better!

Great recap as always.


While I heart Victoria, I don't think she's going to last very long. This show has a pretty good history at shoving off girls who stand up for themselves the slightest bit (remember Katie in cycle 2 being called a whore, and Tyra's scream-fest at Tiffany?). But it was good she got that out there, since they hate the soft-spoken girls just as much!


Hoochamos? I am so through. And I am now stanning for Benny Ninja. He is fiiiiiiierce!

And who the hell wants a 1000.00 shopping spree at Old Navy? Pass.


Obviously most of us have Aspbergers, because that's how any normal person would behave in a house of idiotic, screeching hysterics.

She was just always by herself with her back turned, staring at something random and muttering. That's all I'd be able to do in that situation too.

Chantal Lover

The camera loves you ! ! ! !


It was sooo hard watching Ebony cry and snot her way through being in the bottom two. If she makes it to the final teo, she'll pass out during panel.

Now my Monday can truly start. Well, right after coffee. I am liking Victoria a lot more now that she basically told Twiggy to fuck off. She's not long for this show though, you're not supposed to talk back, and you're not supposed to look mean.

I'll cut a little slack to the girls talking smack about Heather, except for Kimberly. She better hope she doesn't have kids with this kind of illnesses, lest they be exposed to ignorant assholes such as herself.

Bianca and Lisa were all equally bitchy. Lisa doesn't get any sympathy from me and she definitely has diva tendencies. Bianca's just loud and sneaky (like Larisa/Bootz)

I love how Benny Ninja told them to accessorize and the judges told them to take off all that shit.


Funny recap, as always, Rich.. but maybe get off your high-horse a little bit? Whether or not there's a self-serving or sanctimonious motive behind it, and whether or not it's 100% balls-to-the-wall, "going green" is good. To get up in arms (and up your ass) about it is to be upset with a step, albeit a baby step, in the right direction.

We have a system in my city whereby recycling and garbage are put in the same containers and picked up by the same trucks. We are supposed to put recyclables in special blue bags, that are (we're told) later sorted from the garbage. The bags are cheap and widely available, but something about the system is a bit suspect. How do we know the bags are really being sorted?, the skeptics ask. I have friends who claim with attitude that they doubt the system is even in effect, so they figure they shouldn't bother to sort out recyclables themselves. These are people who claim to be environmentally-conscious!

The blue bags are cheap, and the program requires no more effort than you would expend anyway, so why not sort 'em out and hope for the best? At the worst, no sorting ever happens and some bags just happen to be blue.. which is exactly what necessarily happens when nobody bothers to use the blue bags. It's cutting off our collective nose to spite our face.

My point is, be happy that they're using the bio-diesel bus instead of the SUV limo. Be happy that there's at least an appeal to conserve water. Don't get so stuck on the problems that you're numb to the progress.


"Yes I can...cer" is brilliant! Oh the tears! I laughed so hard over this. I knew this was going to be an excellent recap the moment I read the title - "Mila Monster." Rich, you are comedy genius.


My favorite line was when Tyra commented that all the girls were rocking the "busted" mirror shots more than the glamour shots. She asks rhetorically, why is this? There's an answer, but it's so obvious she can't see it -- the girls ARE busted. No acting required.


Speaking of going green: Cruise ships. Really super good for the environment. Like mobile recycling stations. Or whatever.

[awesome recap, obvs. per always. la-la-love the fraggle rock reference, LOL'ed about spending that much at Old Navy. As a tall thin female, I'd like to add that their jeans are always at least three inches too wide in the hips and two inches too short, in every size, so um, good luck, beautiful girls.]


Dear Lord...I would love if Miss J did the afro thing you mentioned. I was hoping you'd mention the afro, since it's such a departure from his usual ridiculousness.

And I like Victoria, even though she looks a bit horsey.


Oh my God Rich, I always love your recaps but the addition of Fraggles?! I can die happy now.

Oh and Sean, don't tell someone to get off their high-horse and then saddle up on your own with an essay on recycling. Not cool.


glorious work. on top of ur game rich boy.


Thank you so much for the butt burger! Delicious.


Sean, I'd rather sit through a lecture with Tyrant than your gassy preaching on recycling. Save it for the Al Gore blog cuz we FourFour readers don't care.

And I feel sorry for Heather. She has a serious disability. These skanktestants don't.


The 2 real shots are of Sarah. Not Chantal. So sad that we're already forgetting the name of the "plus" size model.


i'm always here and i never post, but oh god the fraggles. that was full of win. i'm still laughing. also, benny ninja <3


I'm so glad to hear you say you're on Team Heather; my roommate and I have taken to referring to her as 'Awkward,' and we're totally pondering making 'Team Awkward' t-shirts. It's definitely going to happen if she makes it to the final 3.


Hey, while they're always good, this was wayyy better than the last one. Um, I love you forever?


I can't believe no one's said how much Mila looked like Donald Trump in her smoking side-effect getup. :P Surely, that could have been another side-by-side photo for Victoria to disapprove of...


sanctimonious is right. i was grumbling about that for the rest of the night after that show. loved the ep, but it kinda made me despise tyra a bit more than usual. feh. love the victoria gif though. brilliant.

Toothy Tile

"Cancer: A bareback orgy for your cells"

Damn, Rich, I've never heard cancer sound so enticing before!

Heather has this in the bag.


Love your recaps! Bianca as Booger was easily the best thing I've seen in weeks, and so true. Yesterday, I was sitting around, thinking about what I wanted to do with my Sunday, and I was all like, "I want to go to Old Navy!! Wait a sec, I hate Old Navy. Damn you, Top Model, and your brainwashing!"

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