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B. Washington

Mmmm, delicious misogyny. Jesus Christ, Rich.

Steve Abramson

Three posts up Anna D. mentioned the LA Times referencing fourfour - and I'm thinking - HELL YEAH! - great kudos for Rich - but then I thought - OH SHIT - if fourfour becomes too popular, what happens when Vag-Arms gets wind of it...

Could you IMAGINE how Tyra would react to reading these? LOL

Her eyes would go cross-eyed after all... after she pulled a Tiffany-type rant at her assistant (she's not allowed a cell phone for obvious reasons)...

my brother goes to yale with victoria....


Can't wait for the next recap!! I'm addicted. If I was in the running towards becoming ANTM, Vag-Arms would probably forbid me from reading this, just out of the kindness of her heart and everything. Save me from myself and that sort of thing.


And I just found out that the time-difference between Belgium and your blog is 6 hours!AAAH, does this mean I have to wait until 20h for the next one??? Damn, how much does it suck to live here......


This is soooo great! I'm reading your blog since two years now, and it's always the best!

Could you tell me what program you use to make those flash things/ gifs?


Bianca's hand gestures (while shit-stirring) remind me of Furonda's (cycle 6?) hand when she had to massage Nenna's (?) legs


Mila looks like a possum.


This is the best one of the entire season, makes me laugh everytime I read it. LOL- Victoria!


haha, ass-burgers. i want a juicy double!



"Calm down. Take a break. Eat an ass-burger?"
God, I love you.



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