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courtney true

while i'm thrilled mila is gone - i DID kinda look forward to tyra & the crew breaking her down a little, and making her expose the 'negative'. oh well!

and i NEVER remember ambreal - despite that i like her.


Asbergers is totes the new Retinitis pigmentosa.


Who knew that one side effect of smoking was developing a large vagina on the side of your face a la Lisa's photo? Yikes!


i almost enjoy your recap more than the show... i totally agree with the post about shannon (rip brenda) doherty - i am so glad that isn't just me! my boyfriend thinks bianca looks like terrell owens. you rule!


Brilliant recap Rich. Seeing as I haven't even bothered to watch any of the episodes this cycle, I appreciate them even more this time around. I don't know where my apathy towards this show is coming from. Wait, all I have to do is read your Tyraisms and then I get it.


Thank you for your continued controversial posts! You really push the envelope!


I know that I love these recaps too much when I am WATCHING the show and going... "I wonder what Rich is gonna say about that!?" or "Oh Rich is going to give her HELL for THAT!!" and I am imagining the GIF's that you'll come up with as the show is going on! haha! Of course it always turns out a MILLION TIMES better than I imagine!


I agree the no-smoking policy is just a tactic to drive the girls over the edge. I'm generally a pretty laid-back person, but if I go more than 6-8 hours without a cigarette I'm ready to beat down anyone who looks at me funny. I can't wait to see what these ladies will do.


Twiggy screaming "Niiigel!" sounded awfully like Liz Taylor screeching "Marrriiage???" - said Paddy.

Oh my g, yes and yes. It was like some giant meta joke for fourfour readers. I want someone to do one of those sine wave comparison things. I bet they're IDENTICAL.

Messalina 6-5000

HA! I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thought that Mila looked like Divine in "Female Trouble" in her cancer makeup. She even had the delusional outlook to go with it - "I'm a beautiful model! I thought I was going to win!" Great, now I have this image of Tyra imprisoned in a giant birdcage with a hook for a hand.


Does anyone happen to remember which girls admitted to being smokers?


Green cycle, ha! They still have the contract with Cover Girl, a company which practices animal testing. What a joke.


I'm kinda afraid to admit this, but I actually own the dress that Saleisha was wearing from Old Navy. I bought it in April or May so who knows when they filmed this. Great Post, I love having this to read... it makes the show much more fun to watch! (especially when I am suppose to be watching the little students in the computer lab...they keep wondering why I am laughing)


nothing to do with the recap except i love it and oh my! i just watched Spider Baby yesterday! Wheee!


"You didn't see it! Now you do!" says Tyra

Pumping Irony

Oh, I jumped on the Jody Watley quote toute suite. Clearly, Benny Ninja was paying homage to Ms. Watley with his big-ass-Looking-For-A-New-Love-hoop earrings. But no accessory beats the Benny Ninja Photoshop "Tiny Hat."

And linking to the extended 12" REMIX video? WERK, Rich, werk.


jezebelly called it:
"I can't decide who I want eliminated next - Bianca or Kimberley?"

Tyra pronounced it like ASSbergers w/ extra emphasis on the ass this time. can't wait for monday morning!!


when ass berger's, um, heather's mother said, "be sweet" i was certain the editors were setting us up for a big bitchfest tantrum from her in the future.
they evil.


OH MY GOD. This post was amazing. Almost up there with Allison and the Care Bears post and that's saying something.


That stuffed monkey is a problem - Heather, honey...take yer meds.


"$1,000 worth of white socks "
ME TOO!!!!


You're so good, they should pay you to do this for a living!

Oh, wait.

Excellent work, as always. I LOLed.

anna d.

Instead of doing a recap of the show for their paper, the LA Times just sent people to your website. Damn, that's gotta feel good.


Provocative, that's the word they were looking for instead of controversial. Oh, and awesome recap, how I have missed you!


Hey Sara,
It was Jen-ah who admitted to smoking. She seemed way too calm this week though. Someone has a nic patch.

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