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October 18, 2007



I know someone who is on the show this season! It will be interesting to see how she is portayed - like herself or like the character they've decided she should be...


ok, first i notice that there is no EVIL in this promo. the designers seem puffed up but not pointy.

(i have also noticed that tim gunn's gt style has been in reruns for the past few weeks; was it a brief season or just a time-killer 'til pr4?)

i did read about week 5 aufwiedersen designer getting the boot due to hiv/bacterial infection face puffery -- what is up wit' dat!

anyway, i'll tivo it and see if i get into it. what kind of cat is winston, anyway?


I care! I care! I care! And if I don't, I know your posts will make me care!


A 12 minute long survey! On blogs?! Geez, you better post nudes at a later date for this.

Driver B

I care! Watching Tim Gunn is like that other TG for me, Thanksgiving.

Looks like there are some whiny bitches in the cast though. . .I get annoyed easily.


I care, but only because I've loved every season and I feel like it's been too long since the last cycle. I even watched an episode of PR "Canada" online yesterday. I'm not as excited as I could be, mostly because I LOATHED the Tim Gunn show and that has worn off some of the enthusiasm. Could be like too many times back to the well, you know?


Honestly the only reason I'm remotely interested in this season is to read your recaps of it. I'm definitely 'neh' about watching it myself, but your recaps always make my day, so for that reason I'll keep apprised.

Mary K

That was a hella long and boring survey, but I've been reading your blog too long not to do it for you.


the promo itself seems exceedingly self-conscious and cheezy. the season itself seems more of the same. i got over project runway after kara saun lost season 1.


I only watch this show because I LOVE TIM GUNN! Was I the only one who didn't get the "I'm Oliver with a twist". Yeah I've heard of Oliver Twist but was Oliver stylish or a designer?


I can't wait, but being on the other side of the planet will mean that first we have to get through the two seasons of ANTM we're behind.

Or maybe we'll get through this season (its the one with Natasha) and then maybe they will give us runway and we'll never catch up on ANTM). Stupid otherside of the world.


I've never seen this show, but hurrah for the use of the new Devo tune on the soundtrack!


Honestly, i have been pumped for the new season of projrun since the last one ended, but bravo has been stringing me along for too long and I am starting to get pissed. They filled up the projrun slot with top chef (which i like), then top design (watchable, but totally lame), sheergenius (answering the question, "what profession with gay people have we not explored yet?"), then another season of top chef, and finally Better Half (refuse to watch). I really want to boycott this season because i feel like bravo is taking advantage of my love of projrun. Unfortunately, I will definitely end up watching because i have no spine (like the democratic congress).

And i do love Tim Gunn's GTS, i always end up crying, it really hits to close to home sometimes.

Fabrice Sensation

Yes, please - more EXTREME GAYS! Also, I'm hoping Tim will whip out some more amazing similies a la "elongated Gumby with marshmallow legs."

Right after September 11th, he gave a "lecture" to my fashion history class on the "radical cultural shift" that would inevitably follow. He illustrated his point by letting us all know that, though they usually prefer "zesty, light dishes," he and his "lover" had cooked a MEATLOAF the night before.

I will be watching and anticipating.


Excited, but it's going to be tough to beat Laura for sheer laugh factors. She always had me cracking up.

Here's hoping they bring back Morgan from Season 1; she was freaking fierce and stomped EVERYTHING.


Project Runway was the first reality show I've ever watched from start to finish. I continue to be a loyal fan and can't wait for it to start!


I'm excited for this, but unfortunately it doesn't start airing in Canada until January.

HOWEVER we do currently have PROJECT RUNWAY CANADA with IMAN! And it's pretty damn hilarious.

Iman is such a ball-breaker. I dunno if you can access the online vids from the states, but if you can, you HAVE to check out slice.ca or you simply don't "measure up"!


Well, I think that you should have an amazon wish list. That way, I could buy you presents and try to make you love me just enough that you'll think to call me the next time you're in LA.


rich, I love you so i took your surveys. I wouldn't do it for anyone else. thank you for your recaps and your winston.


my reaction was actually "meh" too, but that's also partly cause i'm already watching pr canada and won't likely get this one until long after you've recapped the whole damn season... as for the cast, i like jack's "hmm" and i found christian to be pretty laughable. i guess i'm curious about who gets sent off in week 5 too...


I don't think the preview would make anyone want to watch this season who wasn't already a fan. But I think it kind of makes this season look like it's going to be business as usual, which is just fine by me. So, yeah, I'm hyped.


I will point out that I've NEVER. ASKED. YOU. FOR. ANYTHING.

very nicely played.

come for the recap; stay for the guilt.
survey (at top right) completed.


The previews make it look kind of meh... but then that's how this year's Top Chef looked at the outset, too... and it turned out to be a fairly good season (though, to be fair, not nearly as good as PR3).


there's two reasons i'm interested:

1.the hairy tattoed daddy in the black tank top.

2.the fact that they are using a new song by devo to promote it.

geek pop and ethnic ass crack! i'm so THERE!


I definitely want to see it but I wonder if it will totes suck now that it's been off for so long. At the very least there will be new, hideous clothes to mock!

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