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October 10, 2007


Vee Dizzle

LoL @ jael. its sad that she got desperate enough to get naked in a last attempt to launch her modeling career. even from that angle though she does seem to have a decent rack.


I would like to have monkey sex with Roisin Murphy.


Yeah, the Ace of Spades song rather confused me at first. I totally thought she was saying "sitting in heeere with no beeeer", and all I could think was "nuh uh! she's a wino, not a beer-drinker!! ANTM said so!!"

Yeah. I guess the video/song was supposed to be a joke, or so her blog says.


This might be well-known, but, like the Lisa video, I hadn't seen it, so: http://www.idontlikeyouinthatway.com/pictures/20071003/michelle%20deighton/m1.html
Michelle from cycle ? is dating Johnny Fairplay, and is wearing... something really fugly.


omg... jael. you're right - it's a bit of shock, and then, "duh, of course."


Oh my god that video was pathetic and sad. Standing here with no beer?

That other song is much better.


Gotta love Lisa. She's like the new Sandra Bernhard, minus everything that made Sandra Bernhard interesting and important.

Speaking of April Winchell, the least that cow (I'm not being mean -- she does the voice of Clarabelle in Disney cartoons!) could do is put up some lacey pix of her hot beau instead of that nasty jackal Jael.


OMG, my friends begged me to go to Burning Man this year! I can't believe I missed that. Although... that's probably a good thing. She's Blewish, I can't hang with that.


Michelle's not only dating Johnny Fairplay, she's pregnant with his demon famewhore spawn.


Um wow Lisa just told me to lick her twat.

WWTS??? (What Would Tyra Say?)


I promise I'm not ignoring all of the awesome contained in this post, but after watching tonight's episode of Top Model, I've come to the conclusion that post-makeover Saleisha is Rihanna.




...I don't know if that link actually worked, but here's another one for comparison.



About Lisa: bad dancer, bad boob job, and whoever dressed her should be shot like a dog in the street.


that roisin murphy song is like eating cupcakes after hot sex! it makes me want to stop being antisocial and go out to a club!


Omg Rich, you must write about the WORST MAKEOVERS for antm on monday. Saleisha looks like Tootie from The Facts of Life! http://personal.iddeo.es/mmoreira/images/braces/factsoflife2.jpg


That may have been the worst video I have ever seen, even trumping "Ladies" by Sarai in the "white girls can't rap" category. Boo :(


P.S. Where is Icy Blu when you need her?


Or Tairrie B.?


Wow I would say Sarah is the secret love child of Fergie and Liam/Kelly(OMG SHOES!)except I think the world would spontaneously combust if something like that ever happened.


Prince Charles should make Harry undergo a DNA test and disown him. I swear I can't bear to see another pic of that douchebag.


(Jaime Kennedy - humor) + (Fergie - vocal skills) *(post-ANTM animosity) = Lisa D' Amato

it's all in the math.

I think it's salvagable though.


Hmmm. Ace of Spades vs. Shake Ya' Body. Hmmm.


Showgirls II- Crystal Connors raps


Oh, God, that picture of Tootie is SO FUNNY! Man, I loved that show.

But I disagree about Saleshia's makeover -- I love it. I think it makes her look even more like an anime character. Now she's perfect.

(Although it was a little cruel of Tyra to pick a style that puts Saleisha's hair all in her face and then criticize her because her eyes were hard to see in her photos. Cruel but funny!)

Re: Lisa. I can't. It's all been said already. After watching it, *I* want to go get drunk.

Oh my LORD here arms are so long! Seriously, stand up like she is and see if 1) your elbows reach all the way to your waist like her elbows do and if 2) your hands reach all the way behing your butt like her hands do. Granted my arms are on the stumpy side but she and I are probably about the same height and her arms would be at least four inches longer than mine. That's a huge difference!

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