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November 27, 2007



Great job on the recaps!


...an ostrich with gas...



That Chantal photo - JonBenet Ramsey, anyone?


The Bianca/Heather thing is brutal to watch. I truly think Heather is the prettiest and most photogenic out of all the girls, but as a person who has a sister with Asperger's, I don't think she'll win simply because of the walking and social skills factors. It sucks and I hate it. And I want to throw a rock at Bianca's head for fucking with Heather. Heather looks like a Muppett and ANTM's Brandy. They're both stank, bald, and not going anywhere.

Obscure as hell reference but if you've seen it, you'll know: Jenah looks like the character Shirley Ann in the Civil War mini series The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All. Figured it out and I'm proud of myself!


yeah jenna goes from looking like an unkempt 7th grader to slightly attractive, I bet they will bring up the disconnect soon and abruptly kick her off, because that is how trya rolls


Awesome! Also, I think I know why the girls take showers together. Tyra made that whole rule about 5 minutes in the shower per girl, right? So if they shower together, they get to shower longer.


I love you so much, thank you, don't even care that it was late, thank you, you say what we're allll thinking, lol, rock on!!!!!


This was an episode prime for ripping it a new one, and you did so with the most expertise you've ever demonstrated.

Firstly, "ostrich with gas" is shockingly astute. Props.

Also, did you kind of feel a little uncomfortable about the disparaging, squinty eye thing that sort of looked like a rudimentary Asian caricature given that they were in Asia? Or is that just me and my cultural sensitivity/hidden prejudice?

FUCK ME best recap!!!!!!!!


ALSO! Given that CoverGirl's demographic is largely non-white (I think it's like 80% women of color), would it make sense to have a white girl represent them?

AH! Hidden cultural sensitivity/hidden prejudice strikes again! Help me!


I hope I'm not first


The Mr Bill lips on Biyanka made me laugh out loud....so accurate!!




I was laughin so hard my roommate came in to see what was going on.

Aw, thanks rich, you're the best!


Right on. Loved the Bianca clown mouth.


OMG! Funniest recap in ever so long! I was starting to feel snowed under by snarkiness and general (albeit mostly warranted) anti-Tyrades. And thanks for the memories of "Imagine That! with Jade." Only wished for a direct link to at least one of 'em. Saleisha's neck tendons and Lisa the flatulent ostrich shall live forever. Still, squish squish for Lisa going. She was one of my faves.


Please, I need more Big Little Earring Maybe in my life.


"...tip of tears"

Tay-rant is brillant.

Go, Heather, Go!!!!

I hate Saleshia, please for the sake of mushroom head, Dorothy Hamil hair cuts everywhere, please baby Jesus, don't let her become ANTM.

Thanks for the recap, Rich!


OMG she does look like Renee Zellweger! Or yeah, an anus, HAAHAHAHA


Chantal eats paste. Ha ha ha! That's awesome.


I really hate this cycle. Even more than Cycle 7. I think it was Cycle 7. Caridee sucks.


Great recap! You should comment on Dora's aka Saleisha's stank ass attitude problem though.

Cookie Crawford

Call me crazy...but despite her height restrictions, I think Bee-yank-ah photographs the most modelesque, besides Heather. But when will we get the longed-for, "I want you two to face each other. Each of you has what the other needs..."? Is that usually saved for the final three?

Did y'all hear Paulina Porizkova is replacing Twiggy on the panel next cycle??????? Thank. You. God! I believe you're out there, now. As I said in another post, Twiggy is a dried-up old thicket.

jeff r

yr recaps are better than the episodes this cycle. i swear.

Joe M

You are seriously HIGH this week. Vagina frog armpits, what exactly did you smoke? Luvs it, tho - isn't Bianca just *made* for Pretty Party and animated GIF's? Jenah is ugly-pretty; what Tyra insists the modeling industry thrives on. And it does. What was up with Heather's makeup on the commercial, she looked unrecognizable. Y'know who she looked like? That chick who was eliminated from the semi-finals during Cycle 6 who was a bigot and hated gays, the cheerleader from Texas. What was her name? Clearly, learning that being a racist ass wasn't gonna get her screen time, she retooled herself into a mildly autistic spaz. I like her persistence!

ALSO: Twigs is out next cycle. They are bringing in Paulina Poreskova or whatever - that "Cars" singer's model wife, the one who was in that awful 80's film with Tom Selleck. Boring. Boring replaces boring. Why not bring in Naomi or Janice or some other freak to make the place lively? Why you gotta be the only one with personality on panel, TyTy?

Seriously, Rich - this was worth the wait.

P.S. Project Runway rocks. Mmmmm, Rami.

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