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November 30, 2007



She's so over the top yet so entertaining.
She is really a different person when she performs.


The fact that the "hardest part of her night" is figuring out who to give her sweaty towel to is proof that she's a cartoon character come-to-life. For real. How could anyone help but love her?
House of Jules


Tears? I bet her eyes were just watering so badly because of all the wind blowing in her face.


first of all wow!
secondly I'm mad at her for the pattingweave/gumsmacking grind dance, and the birthday cake thing was soooo staged...and you know all those people be lying that it's they b'day...but I'm glad they let the other two from that group she was in before, come out and tell her happy birthday... well kelly spoke...michelle you know isn't allowed to...her fate was sealed when she took that fall on 106 & Park


That's the thing about Beyonce -- she's so talented she's easy to love; she's so overthetop she's easy to laugh at.

That video destroyed me. :-)


She is a rare piece of artwork come to life. I got exhausted and developed laryngitis just by watching those 5 minutes of Beyonce performing. The camp factor is extraordinary. Thank you, Rich!


I watched this on BET last week. She makes me so happy. She makes me roll my eyes when she does those ridiculous vocal runs, but then she wins me back. I can't knock her hustle. The thing is I love Sasha, not Beyonce. Sasha is beyond fierce. Beyonce speaks with marbles in her mouth. Also, Rich when Sweet P's model came down the runway on Project Runway all I could think of is when Denise tried to design a Gordon Gartrelle for Theo.

Kim Monique

B. is the ultimate diva (sort of like the Ultimate Fighter). Your compilation destroyed me ... I am spent!


Yeah she's a beast! As much as people get on Beyonce you can not deny her on that stage. She proves every time why she deserves to be doing what she's doing. Love you Beyonce.

You need to see her show in person though! It's so much better than the DVD.


Brilliant, the only thing I can compare her to is the bastard child of the energizer bunny and Jessica Rabbit.


the cake! the fake surprise! that was gold. and 26? c'mon who is she kidding? love her though!!


"I wasn't so sure that she was equipped to really ascend to the diva thrown that she's been given."

*thrown= throne

But yeah, Beyaki is a consummate performer :)


ahhhh, she's a VIRGO...that splains it all.



Also loved a blip you posted a while back about her--that people who get to meet her backstage can't ask for autographs, touch her, take her picture, or give her anything...EVEN CHILDREN. Classy.


Thanks, N.


i believe her picture is in the dictionary next to the entry "batshit"

Today is MY BIRTHDAY and this B'Day deliciousness was like a present from you (and Beyonce), to me. Thank you!

Ima go pat my weave now.



I didn't know B knew the funky chicken.

Torrin Paige

Do I like Beyonce's music? Well, not really. Do I think she's got a great voice? Again, not so much. Do I think she is an entertainer extraordinaire? Definately! I can't fault the girl's diva-status, she's worked damned hard to achieve it. I love that she's over the top and campy; you pay good money to see the show, and B delivers a SHOW. One day, perhaps she will attain Cher status and that won't be a bad thing.


There are just so many things I need to say about this.




The patting the weave dance was freaking Awesome! Exclamation point! ^_^


shes effin cra-jay, but i love it. I was watching this on BET with my sister and I was laughing the whole time, shes a mix of liza`s insane-ness and dianas diva-dom


sweet jesus.

as if i needed more reason to love that woman.

thanks you for the clip, rich. i'm going to have to get the DVD.

@tom: uh, that grind/weave-pat dance? that was hot.


There's a reason why Mariah pulled some Santaria shit all over Beyonce: she's scurred for her life.

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