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November 13, 2007



Fabulous recap as always!


You never fail to disappoint, Rich. Thanks for making an otherwise bleak Tuesday...unbleak... :)


Funny as fuck man. great job!


Rich, I was promised some camel toe and I come to the end and there is no camel toe.


Oh my damn! Rich-the cupcakes!!!
The gifs
This was sooo worth the wait.
I love love love you

Steve Abramson

You really went gif crazy this week, huh? LOL

I do love the Bianca montage since it gives me a reason to laugh at her...

I thought this past episode was pretty good as it reminded me of ANTM-classic. Not too much of the dramatic bullshit but focusing on the job at hand... except, that probably doesn't give you much to work with :(

And if Tyra ever, EVER tries to quote Fame again, I will have to bitchslap her! - Not that any of the girls even knew what she was talking about

Finally - if anyone knows Margaret Cho's stand-up work, she did a joke about someone writing to her on Hello Kitty stationery talking about fucking her big fat arms... well now I have a visual thanks to Tyra's... ugh... excuse me I have to stare at my boyfriend in the shower - all this vag talk is making me ill



I straight up want that Bianca-head-candle mantel piece.

PS, how incredibly awkward was Sarah's stance at panel? And she was in shorts! Then again, maybe she was *trying* to look fatter, given the whole 'you're not fat enough on this modeling show' business. It's so incredibly outrageous and nonsensical that I can't believe I didn't see it coming from this lot.

Anyway, great recap as usual. Thanks. =)


oh yeah - MY MUFFINS!!!!!!! lmfao :D


I love "octopus" part!!


"these tears are tears of schadenfreude."

you're so funny!

Tiffany Fan!

What is up with Chantal? She sings her own praises so much -- why hasn't the Tyrant been able to break her down yet? Maybe after the elims last week, and her next to bottom rating, she may not be so apt to spout about her own greatness. Why, oh why haven't any of the photographers mentioned that dead eye of hers? Oh, and that Ambreal as Aretha thing? Hi-frickin-larious


haha, great recaps once again. luv lisa'a screaming for muffins, or was it cupcakes? cant really tell. this show is chockful of contradictions and lies and manipulations and so on and so on. rich, bring us back to the path of righteous, jolt us from the imaginary world and back into reality


I'm starting to strongly, STRONGLY dislike Heather given how much everyone won't stfu about her. Although, did you notice the way the editors chose to include her awkward Tyra mail stare before she yelled out "Tyra mail?" What was that? I thought they were trying to depict her as Asperger's-but-COMPLETELY SOCIALLY FUNCTIONING. Break from character construction!


Um, last night I watched, "You Only Live Twice," and Ambreal's hair looks like Sean Connery/Bond's hair after they 'turn him Japanese.' Yes, they go there. Anyway, click on my URL to see the best screen cap I could find.

Thanks Rich!


Speaking of hair, doesn't Saleisha's remind you of Tootie? I want to put her in a pair of roller skates!

John Foley

Did I already mention that I actually like that Enrique Iglesias song? Yeah.


Loved it, as usual. I do have one quibble though -- you've got vaginas on the mind and see them everywhere, and while I'll give you Tyra's vag arms from previous seasons (missing for the most part this 'cycle') you're seeing them where they just don't exist. I think, and I'm just guessing here, but had you more experience with actual vaginas, you'd be able to tell the difference. I know vaginas. I have a vagina, vaginas are good friends of mine and those sir, are no vaginas.


Ambreal's hair = Spock. Original Star Trek series Spock.


Stephanie - click on the link he provided - he meant at the end of THAT post.

re: Hostess's trademark icing on Ambreal's boobs...holy sh*t....I haven't laughed out loud like that in a while...

Heather's still my favourite, but I think she'll be gone soon. Just a feeling :(


Loved the overabundance of gifs. And MUFFINS and CUPCAKES.

Tyra was really something in this episode, eh?

Abe Froman

Ambreal's hair reminded me of straight-up old-school Lego man hair. And thank you for the "Ring" reference. If you hadn't made it, I was going to have to take the elevator downstairs and cry in your face.


perversely every post of yours makes me want to have your babies, if only to make sure this brand of ridiculous hilarity lives on, much like a genetic disorder.


i think that Salesha was just standing at a bad angle - if you think that she's anywhere near plus size, then fuck, i'm obese!


I was a little saddened that you didn't include the scene with Heather staring intesely at the Tyra mail before uttering a cryptic "guys? ...guys?" That particular scene gave me the creeps.
Check it out!


Fake Janice Combs

What irks me about Enrique is his trying to cover his obviously receding hairline with a 'comb forward'. Shave it dude...if you didn't have a tinge of wave in your hair you'd be sunk.

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