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November 14, 2007


You make me wish I was from Jersey.


i think we're supposed to be BFFs. i would give my left arm to have been at that show. when i was growing up the south bronx was all about lisette melendez. and stevie b? stevie b was god. thanks for sharing the love with us.


This shit is all high school. Another Bronx girl and I don't know what was up in Jersey but I know the Boogie-down was all about freestyle. And I hated it! This Latina stick in the middle of the Bronx was two busy listening to Depeche Mode, Echo and the Bunnymen and Tears for Fears. Although watching this I was like 'yeah, I liked that song! Ooo, I liked that one too". To that I say, Damn you Rich. Now I gotta go download You Are My All and All.

I'm surprised they didn't drag out Information Society.


Hi Rich, a few comments:
1. The "new" Cover Girls without Angel as their lead singer are WACK, and need to stop.
2. You may disagree with me, but Safire absolutely deserved that lifetime achievement award; she is a defining artist of the genre.
3. Coro is still hot (you know he's gay, right?).
4. I can't believe that you weren't familiar with Judy Torres. She is the queen of freestyle! Her original studio albums ("Love Story" and "My Soul") are practically sacred to the genre, and well worth finding if you don't have them already.


I just had to mention here, before I forget, that I think there was a blue dwarf-shaped dildo just chilling next to the tyra mail on tonight's episode of antm. Whaaaat?


"The champagne of wine coolers" is the new way I am going to describe myself from now on. Just awesome. Sorry to steal from you Rich, but what do you expect when you are the Stevie B of forgotten Freestyle artists.


I haven't lived :(


Joel Stein is the cool brother I never had and Rich is my other cool gay brother I never had. I <3 them both.


Christmas has come early! This is the best re-cap of anything in history. Stevie B., Brenda K. Starr....... I love you, Rich!

House of Jules


I wish every love scene in my life would feature a Stevie B song.


I wish every love scene in my life would feature a Stevie B song.


Gotta fess up and admit I've never heard of any of these people (not sure if it's cause I'm younger or originally from Boston) but wanted to let you know Rich that for the first time in my life I watched Project Runway last night...and it wasn't half bad! Hope you caught it, even if you don't blog about it.


OMFG STEVIE B!!! Did he sing Spring Love? That was my mother fucking song, man.


Damn, I love these artists. I'm 36, grew up in Anaheim, CA and I've seen just about everyone you mentioned at either the Anaheim Convention Center back in the day or some like Shannon, Trinere, Connie, at Disneyland believe it or not! Some were at Skating Rinks. We'd break dance and then they'd clear the floor for a battle, and then some group like the World Class Wreckin Cru would come on. All glitter, Sequins and Eyeliner. My favorite back in the day was the group Nice and Wild and their one hit wonder Diamond Girl. Brings back memories of Boones Farm, Aqua Net, and mini trucks.
Thanks for taking me there, Rich. Are you sure you're not my age? How is it that being in your 20's you got to liking the music from my generation?
Love ya




I couldn't be sadder that I wasn't invited!

"But it's Coro!" T-shirts, anyone?

I have to say this somewhere and well, I know you were watching...

What in the name that is all good and Winstony were those judges thinking on Runway last night praising that ass ugly, greekym, grey goddessy, drapey, boob offsetting piece of trash last night?

Oh, and Kors looked like hell too.


Wait, is Debbie Deb a drag queen?


Did Noel die? Why wasn't he a part of this?


Why wasnt I there! OMG I am so old.


Actually Rich, I´m surprised you´ve never heard of Judy Torres before the concert. She was one of the most consistently good and productive freestyle artists of the 80´s and she´s actually had quite a few really big club hits in the past 10 years (most notably "Faithfully" which is a remake of Journey´s 80´s hit and was number one on Billboard´s dance charts for a while). For me, her biggest and best hit was "Come Into My Arms". That song is hot and is the soundtrack to my teenage/young adult years. Here´s a link to it on You Tube in case you are interested in refreshing your memory about her.


The song is on like every single Freestyle compilation released in the past 20 years, so I´d be surprised if you didn´t actually know it. Enjoy.


Every middle school memory somehow either relates to a Stevie B song or a Stevie B song is the background music for that memory. Loved TKA and K7 too.


Oh, and I am from Philly -- I think Northeast Philly and South Philly as well as South Jersey had their own favorites, because I don't know Judy Torres either.


PS - Yeah, I don't think we got Judy Torres down our way, because I've never heard of her either.


Also in that category: "Dreamboy/Dreamgirl." Huge, huge, huge hit in the New York area (seriously: go to a wedding on Long Island and watch people freak out when DJ inevitably plays it), but I never knew anything of it until a few years ago.

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