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November 19, 2007



These recaps are easily the highlight of my week. And you know what? I'm okay with that.


I fucking love these recaps.

I fucking hate Saleisha.


Rich, you bastard, I seriously spewwed coffee when Winstoneisha showed up.

Ms. Pants

Yet again, I profess my adoration. After I watched last week, I immediately asked my friend what happened to the R in frustration. I didn't know if I'd missed a worldwide memo that stated we've dropped that first R or what.


Winston really does wear it well.


FUSTRATED...Dear god. Thank you for noticing, too.


Lovable from all angles, you are. Fantastic recap!


Also awesome: Man Jay pulling a Tyraism of the week with Saleisha. It's not "uh, uh, uh," it's "UH!!!! UH!!!! UH!!!!"

It fustrates me that you didn't mention it.


Pizzicato Five AND Shonen Knife mention?!?!?!?

And I thought I loved the recaps already...

Anyway Heather "sleeping manically" made me spit my water.


These recaps are the only way I make it through Monday, love ya!


these are the cure to my mondays. I love you! And Winston.....

Miss Kitty

Thanks for the Saleisha hairdos, and the Ambreal/Whitney Houston takeoffs. My shitty day is now a good day thanks to you.


By the time you got to Scottish rhinoceros beetle!! I was laughing with tears in my eyes. Your humor is a highlight of my week. They need you to run the show!

By the way, I wanted to say I understood your not wanting to recap PR4 and hope you don't mind my saying so on the ANTM recap. :-)

Thank you for another great week.

Oops,one last thing....did anyone else see the reincarnation of the Peter Pan guy in Saliesha's fairy outfit? I mean, the hair!?!? the wings!?!?! the tights?!!


i still say that Saleisha looks like one big penis with that hair cut

loved the recap as always!


Holy God, best recap of the season (cycle, whatever). Thank you!


Winston rocks the hairdo best!


doesn't Rich look like Prince Valiant when he photoshops the Saleisha hair onto himself?


Stoofy T

Oh Lord, Jenah's teet.

Oh, Lord, Pizzicato Five.

You make Mondays so glorious... and hasn't Miss J had Saleisha's hair before, for real?


Awesome as usual. My take on the "Mediterranean Sea" vs. "New York City" was that at first, Biyanka didn't understand Yuko's accent; she heard "New York City," when Yuko said "Mediterranean Sea."

My fave. recap this cycle!


did anyone else notice how they misspelled cheryl tiegs' name? although the comparison was...too perfect.


That Saleisha showercap gif is hilarious!

I hope one of your readers is a wig maker, so they can design a Saleishafied wig for Winston.

I love your re-caps!


Winston IS a covergirl!
Not a single fustration on it


Did anyone else see the super blonde girl at the "runway show" of this episode? I think it was Alison from ProjRun last season. Maybe.


I realized that while I prefer reading the recap to watcthing the recap, it's more work-friendly that way, I could hear your voice saying "Basically everyone in the history of the universe has Saleisha's haircut. It's not so weird, after all, I guess." and it just made the whole recap that much better. You're the best.

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