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The pretty party picture of Chantal makes me consider her future as an ultra-leathery grandma who smokes three packs of Capris a day and buys alcohol for her grandchildren.


i had saleisha's hair in 1st grade, and i still say she looks like pearl from 227.


What a hilarious recap! I totally forgot about the show last week in all the Project Runway excitement, so I'm glad I have your recaps to fall back on. I think I agree with you, this could be the best show of this season...I only got your version!


First LOL moment in the recap:
Leave it to a toddler to beat me at my game
"My Name is not Embryo"

And I don't give LOLs up freely; kudos to your wit.

Also, thank you for noticing Tyra's evilness -- she strikes again. Also, how about the fact that she made the moment about her "...China. A place I've never been to...."


The thought of you and your shit in the shower made my shit very happy.

winston for president

I'm glad that Ambreal is gone if only for the fact that we will never see her crotch again. Does the camera man have a fetish or something?

I second that there should be more puppets on the show. Roy Campbell just doesn't cut it.

Great recap, as always.

Henry Evil

This was easily your best recap ever.


One of the best recaps yet. Of course, any recap with Winston is special. More of Winston! I can't wait to see what happens in China, should be entertaining. Meg: Tyra is the poor girls Oprah! (At least that's what I call her.)


"She's like the costume designer from The Incredibles with the foolhardy ambition of Joseph L. Mankiewicz and the bizarro sophistication of Pizzicato Five's Maki Nomiya. LOVE HER."

Hmm... Joseph Mankiewicz + Edna Mode + Maki Nomiya...

Maki Mode Mankiewicz. Works for me.


I'm glad that Ambreal is gone if only for the fact that we will never see her crotch again. Does the camera man have a fetish or something?
Posted by: winston for president | November 19, 2007 at 05:16 PM

It's because the camera loves her... vagina.


I fell in love with Saleisha this episode at the exact moment when she mined scrubbing her armpits while talking about trying to escape Heather in the shower. Saleisha is all kinds of cute!


haha, i loved when ms jay did his chinese song and chinese gong.

make a mega mix of it!!

good recap prince valiant


I was under the impression that the Chinese "Lion" is usually referred to as a "Dragon" by the Chinese. Tyra got it wrong and I thought you would want me to point that out.


well-played recap, sir.

did you notice that when the challenge judges were going over the girls' performances, the SAME sadistic/happy shot of bianca was used as a reaction shot after her good commentary and heather's bad commentary? exactly the same, about a minute apart. the editing in this show is fucking spastic, but i love it.




I think I just urinated on myself.


Hilarious recap, as usual!

Did anyone notice that Biyanka is emulating Tyra's vag arms (circa Cycle 7) in her Cleopatra dress?
Thought it was worth a mention...

Nikos G

Everyone is talking about how Saleisha looks like whoever, but Bianca totally looks like Tay Zonday of Chocolate Rain fame. Especially in the picture with the words "...they don't like it" and the one above the NYC/Mediterranean Sea confusion.


"Although, in Heather's case, I think "fustration" refers to a mild form of frustration."

I spit out my drink. Thanks again, Rich.


Winston as Saliesha is genius!


Funniest recap yet. You had me laughing at every line!


" If my shit's all out there and there's running water and I'm having a discussion with you, you can bet that the topic at hand is about what's next for my shit and how it involves you."

Damn. Usually when I'm taking a shower, I just stand there grumbling because I forgot to fill up the water softener.

Now all I'll be able to think about is "I wonder what Rich is discussing in the shower - and more importantly - what position is he taking?"


I'm in recap heaven! so damn funny!


bianca would totally belong in faster, pussycat! kill! kill! since her powdered hair made her look like an aged thumper from diamonds are forever. that and russ meyer would love her yuko-discovered mountains.

and i love your blog.


I say "fustrated" IRL also :(

That hair looks hawt on winston. Reminds me of that melon head cat :O

Miss Lisa

Z-man for the win, but never forget: Johnny Ramone. Same haircut for over 30 years.

Get it together, Heather! America's CoverGirl-of-the-Week voters can't be wrong!

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