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THANK YOU RICH, for including Lisa's friend, Cousin "It." He's looking fierce. (ooooooh! fierce!)


brizilliant, as usual. i dig the saleisha hair on you, btw...very sexy.

i can only hope that along with "fustrate" the words:

--"pasketti" (spaghetti)
--"febrewary" (february)
--"libary" (library), and
--"valentimes" (valentine's)

all make an appearance during this cycle


Did that dude from Elite remind anyone else of Keifer Sutherland from Freeway or Jeffrey Dahmer? The 80's look may be hip now, but I didn't think the 80's pedophile look would ever come back.


The Carrie poster: so much awsum!

My teacher is rambling about propaganda and fashion while I'm reading your recap. Oh how lovely things come together in such a cosmic way.

I expect Heather to have an Elfwood ( account or something similar where she can be a fustrated fire sign.

Flammable, just like her desire to have showers... with other girls.

Toothy Tile

"If my shit's all out there and there's running water and I'm having a discussion with you, you can bet that the topic at hand is about what's next for my shit and how it involves you."



Love it! I just wanted you to know that I "force" my husband to watch this every week and he was FED up with "fustrated" so I sent him to you.

This is an email he sent to me -
"Not only did I have to stop reading so I didn’t bust out laughing in the middle of the office, but I almost peed in my pants. For some reason, “Little Big Earring Maybe” did it for me."


Rich- you left out the classic shot of Bianca smiling like crazy when the guy from Elite criticized Heathers runway performance!


I almost fell out of my chair AND peed my pants when I saw Winston...Winston rules!!! My husband looked at me like I had lost my mind. Great recap, Rick. Go Heather.


OMG. Winston in the 'do is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

Fake Janice Combs

Rich for President! I'd love to see him recap a Condi press conference...hey another Saleisha hairstyle muse!!!!


Victor, yes, TOTALLY Prince Valliant.


I seriously, sincerely, had to fight to keep my at-my-computer laughing from getting to the point where it'd get my ass fired. This is one of the funniest things I've read in a while. I heart your recaps.


These recaps make me so happy!


Delish & Delightful.

Everytime I watch a reality show, I wonder how you would recap it.

And for every gif that you do, an angel gets his wings!!!!


I think Bianca was confused about why she was spinning this whole tale about the Mediterranean when the design was supposed to be inspired by her, and thus she felt New York City would be a more appropriate frame of reference, that being where she's from and all. /end Bianca translation


aren't those gigantic 'lions' actually dragons? am i the only one who noticed that?

trick please

Damn Rich, Winston is Fierce- maybe you should try a different grooming strategy. Rudy wouldn't stand for that ish?- he'd look like a drag queen (cat).


On another note, will you be reviewing No Country? I saw it this weekend too, and thought it was great.

courtney true

the ambreal/whitney houston album tribute is hilarious - thank you for the treat. so true, so true.

biyanka and salisha need to pack their shit and leave soon - i don't know how much more of them i can take.

nothing more on lisa's tyra-induced downward spiral? tyra is setting another girl up to be picked off the ladder rung - this time ; up next is the deconstruction of lisa to forge more chances for tyrs-pets heather & salishia - mark my word!!!!

silky jumbo

when miss j sang the "china" song, i almost choked on my juice. i agree - the best thing he's ever done.


oh this was a hella long recap so i had to skip around. but is it too much to ask for an mp3 of miss j singing those stereotypical chinese songs? i really want them as a ringtone.


I thought Benny Ninja was bringing Ebony back (see shoulder points).

Love the recaps. Dora - you got punked. Hilarious.


loved the recap.
i hate hate hate Biyanka, she looks like a skanky muppet.
so obviously i want her to go home..but then who will i hate? it's tough.


I effing love you! You make me lol hard every week. I know I wouldn't enjoy the show as much if it weren't for your recaps.
Thank you for making life better for everyone.


This recap even made coffee better. Thanks!

Benny Ninja reminds me of my cat, he's always doing something cute & slightly spastic but unless you're looking at it with me, I'll never be able to explain how awesome it is.

RE: Tyra and the 'Who DOESN'T get to go to China'!!! Sometimes I wonder if she was tortured as a child because that was the meanest thing I've ever seen her do. But Ambreal, Damn! Way to flow with what life tosses at you. New hero!

I was hoping for a still of the lame ass sword dancers but you can't top lion/dragon/doggy-style.

Agreed, best episode in a few cycles with matching bitchen' recap!

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