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I thought that was true, maria, but then I looked up "Chinese lion" and it yielded these results. I guess there's a difference? Tyra outsmarted me once again.


Thank God for my weekly re-cap fix. You saved me! I miss Ebony. :( Maybe the models will run into the cast of Survivor while they're in China. It could be a reward challenge! Model those buffs!


This was the first episode this cycle where the girl who was cut did not have the first confessional, no? I was so scared for Lisa and Heather because they had the first two.


Benny Ninja! Three times in one cycle.
I hope this means that Ms. Jay is OUT and Benny is IN. Benny walks the runway better anyway.


Can't...stop...laughing! Dora the explorer killed me.


Love Recap Mondays! Am I the only one who thought the desert scene was going to turn into the Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There" video?

Tiffany Fan!

Biyanka looks like Curious George, and that dude from Elite looked like Adam West. Rich, please do an animated gif of Chantal's wonky eye in the screen shot of her next to Cheryl Tiegs -- definitely not a flattering shot of the overly confident "I was born to do this" anorexic with the face eating bangs


Winston in the hair made me cry. I've been trying to hide my laughter from the boss, when he sees my face he'll know whats up, I'm all red and blotchy and tear-stained. Thanks Rich! :D

"Although, in Heather's case, I think "fustration" refers to a mild form of frustration." lmao. This was the best recap of the season. I had so much trouble to keep from laughing! We're going over asperger's in my psych class, and learned its also characterized by mood swings... haven't seen too much of it yet though!
Oh and Rich- I saw you on a VH1 ad last night! I was so excited! It was for a film critic contest.


I loved Yuko too! She was totally the Bjork of fashion design!

Steve Abramson

Damn Rich - mighty fine post this week... too much to say... on overload...

1) Why must I always number my comments?

2) Great call on the "Carrie" reference - it took me a day or so to figure out why I was embarassed watching this entire scene (and apparently I wasn't alone) - it was the shower scene in that film all over again (and I do love Heather - but between the "Carrie" references and the Tim Burton references, I'm starting to think Tim married the wrong goth girl...

3) I KNOW where the "r" went... it dropped out of "frustration" and went to the Japanese designers' mouth... she kept saying cReopatra... I laughed everytime she said that... So NOW the question is... where the hell did the "l" go?

4) And shame, shame, SHAME on you Rich for not noticing the obvious PR clone on this episode - sure they had the designers at the design school... and their very own TIM GUNN... The 3 of us watching together and I kept yelling "Tim Gunn you are NOT" and the other 2 were rolling in soiled underwear - his voice sounded like he SO wanted to be him

5) Lonnie Gordon? Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! - Wow I got TWO of your references this week LOL (and good call from Krista (about 20 posts up who referenced the Spice Girls in the desert)

6) It's great that even Winston can be involved in this posting (along with "Cousin It"). One more to add to this list (the b.f. is pestering me to mention this) is Darla Gratch from the Ratchet and Clank videogame series - and now that I type this... didn't Emo (I think that's his name) have that hairstyle too? (I'm picturing him in "Weird Al's" movie "UHF"...

'nuff counting - y'all must be fustrated enough with my constant rambling about Creopatra and stuff...



You need to make fun of the fact that Tyra says "The next name that I am going to call is...". How f-ing redundant!!

i keep typing bianca as binaca.
she's so minty and fresh.

Cindi Lightballoon

Yeah, I think it was that Biyanka mistook "Mediterranean Sea" for "New York City." Which must have been very fustrating for her.

Benny Ninja looked like he was an extra in the gay porno version of "300."

SO GLAD you are going to recap Crowned.

Awesome recap as always. Love. You.

Sarah G

Enjoy China girls!! Because it's gonna be Wal-marts in Podunk from now on..


I'm finally showing my face after reading your ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT recaps for at least 3 cycles. I had to come out in a show of support for quite possibly the best one ever! I am really not a LOL person, but your recaps are f-ing hilarious! By the way Benny Ninja as styled by a Scottish rhinoceros beetle almost made me wet my pants. LOVE LOVE LOVE your recaps. Also:
superlotado - I second your Bianca translation. That's the vibe I was getting.
miranda/rich - You can say whatever you want, but those were totally dragons!
mark - I felt the same way. I was on pins and needles for Heather!


Seriously, I was listening to music online and Anita Baker was singing "Giving You the Best that I Got" when I got to Ambreal's 80s album cover (albums! So 80s!). Rich, you are the without your recaps would be so, so...FUSTRATING!



Nice hair and recap...Marry me.


I received this re-cap! It was by far the best to date... your re-cap was better than the actual episode and for that I am no longer fUstrated!!!!

BTW- LOVED you rocking Saliesha's do and Heather's movie poster!

Isn't this supposed to be the "green" cycle? There's really nothing more environmentally friendly than burning cars in the desert.

Meg (one g)

Hurray for the Pretty Party! It's my favorite. Nigel as the Queen's Guard is hilarious... Iu love how the puppet induced Sesame Street-style dialogue from Tyra. The repetition of "Then next person going to China is..." over and over made me laugh. BTW, I think Tyra copied her messiah complex from Oprah, have you noticed how Oprahesque she tries to be sometimes?


when i was 9? had that haircut.

ill have to see if i can find a pic and send it to you. you know, for your collection.


okay, i seriously love you. i think i sent you an e-mail telling you that, too. but i've been going back and reading all your recaps again and again just because you make me LOL so hard i feel like i'm gonna pee myself.

i do have a request, though. i know you are busy and have a life and everything, but you should go back and recap the first four cycles. i can only imagine in my wet dreams what wonderful things you'd have to say about those cycles.

just i thought. by the way, i love you. again.


thank god you talked about the FUSTRATION!
it was making me crraazzy. and fustrated.

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