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November 21, 2007


jim c

oh my word. am i a huge loser for finding that video actually kind of moving?? i started out giggling...then it turned into belly laughs...and then i was laughing so hard i started to cry...and before long i was just full on weeping. i think i need therapy.


OMG... this is just like living with my dogs. They hover right in my face when I'm eating or they do the next best thing. they lay all their heads in my lap and stare at me with their puppy dog eyes. My boyfriend finds it annoying. I find it cute.


rudy's answer as to whether he's eating the plant is hilarious and sounds vaguely like a jr high kid mumbling "i don't know" to a principal.


Was that Winston and a piece of . . . celery? Both disturbing and fascinating all at once. I'm so happy now.


Until now, my favorite Winston moment was him as the "hundred year old troll." Now Winston and celery. Oh my god. It was like watching a lamprey eat a squid or something. Teeth everywhere. Fantastic. Must watch again,


Long time reader; first time comment-er.

I love how you cherish and respect your felines. While I could say that the clip made me laugh and was silly and so much fun to watch (it was), I seriously want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for loving your felines the way you do. Cheers!


gosh i just love this video!
with the music it's soooooo lovable n touchable!
im so gonna watch it continuesly.
thank you for making my day!
rich, you rocks!

k. crow

I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats.

Wait. It was Cats. Thank you, Rich.


Happy Thanksgiving! Just keep an eye on the turkey!



One of my (6) cats slapped a piece of chicken out of my hand last night and gobbled it up before I could move.

Winston needs one of these:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157603242675105/


And I am thankful for all the laughter Winston, Rudy, and you have given me.

I loved the curry stain on Winston's chin!

I think I am a better person for loving cats, and accepting all of their "whims". You have, though, are the Uber Better Person because, well, look at them! Those two kittys are the best!



This was AWESOME! I love how Winston just pushes Rudy out of the dish. Greedy much? Anyway, I hope you & yours have a fantastic holiday. I am thankful for your ANTM recaps!


How long until they turn on you?



It was awesome how you stared down Winston when you were eating that pudding(?)...I'm going to assume it was pudding, it makes it funnier.

If all cat videos were like this, I'd watch them exclusively.


Hmm...I like you


Adorable! And it's so good to see darling, DARLING Rudy!!!

Michael in DC

Fucking hilarious! Love it! Thanks for sharing; Happy Thanksgiving.


Your cats should be FAT!

That was awesome :) Thanks for Sharing and Happy Thanksgiving ♥


yeah cats are great, blah blah blah

the REAL thanksgiving feast was when you had your hand all up in that dudes junk. I saw that shit. gotta dig that chinpo lovage



I am thankful for you and Fresh faithfully blogging and keeping it entertaining. Trust me, I work in the mortgage business and I need all the laughs and distractions I can get.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Spin Sycle

That made me LOL all over, even while being trampled over by my own hairy little beasts! Luv your work, don't stop!!!


Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetie!! We love you and thank you for all the joy you give us throughout the year!

Oh, and you too, Rich.



Once dated a guy whose family had rare Himalayan cats that would only drink running water out of the faucets and once dragged a WHOLE chicken off the counter and mauled it to death.

No construction paper Pilgrim hats or inappropriate Indian headdresses on them?! Shame Rich! I expected better!

You and your man are still hot. Keep on keeping on.

The celery scene scared me a little. I work at an animal shelter and once got an infected cat bite from a cat that looked like Winston. It jumped out and bit my ankle. What cat goes for the fucking ANKLE and sinks teeth in?!

When the words Thanksgiving Feast came up and I saw wild-eyed Winston with the banana I was expecting thrash metal to start playing in the background. Music to pig out and mosh to!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all you do.


dang, does winston do anything but eat and be pretty?

happy thanksgiving!

Queen Lena

Happy Thanksgiving!!

My house is going to be so lonely this year. I'd like to invite Rudy. But not Winston because he's greedy.

Ahhh who am I kidding?

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