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I love Winnie's demure little paw-on-knee action: "Pleez I can has?" And I definitely smelled catbreath during the banana-chomping scene.


The music was killer! And the kittah's are darling. And so are you. Happy Turkey!


Is that guy with the tattoo on his arm your man? If so, why at 1:11 is he eating, fending off the cat, and holding his junk?


Bananas? Celery? Plants???
So your cats eat pretty much anything, huh?

Disgustingly cute, by the way.
I love how dejected Winston looks when he's checking out your food, and you kind of stare him down. It's like he hangs his head to pout for a second...hehe.


I'm just glad that loving starch seems to be a trend with a lot of cats. Our cat Rodney would eat a loaf of bread if given the opportunity.


Happy Thanksgiving to you, Rich! You've definitely made my year brighter with all of your blogging ways. You make me laugh every time. Much love to you and yours!


Okay, first of all, HILARIOUS video.

Second of all, damn honey - you got some spoiled cats. My cat eats cat food. That's it. Maybe a piece of chicken if we haven't eaten it all.



HAHAHAHAHAH! Seeing Winston push Rudy out of that dish was hilarious! The celery bit made me pee a little!



Sweet kitties! I'm thankful that you are here and give so many of us much needed laughs. Wishing you and yours a happy day!

So how much stuffing can Winston devour?


Rich, you're the best. Thanks for sharing your cats and thoughts with us all. I'm thankful for you, Monday mornings and all the rest of the year. Take care, Happy Thanksgiving!


winston + celery = mindboggling
I'm so glad winnie wound up with you. because not only do you feed and love him, you also film him.


you're so handsome...

however, you need to steal your boyfriend's tweezers. it's getting a little draggy above the nose!


Ha ha! So awesome. I love Winston and Rudy, and you too Rich! Happy Thanksgiving

I am not a cat-person at all, but since I started coming to your site 2 years ago, I fell in love with Winston. Just now, watching this video, my heart also lept for Rudy. Thanks, Rich & happy Thanksgiving!
House of Jules


I absolutely heart Winston. The fact that he loves fried rice as much as my boyfriend, my cat and I do makes me feel all warm inside. I'm planning on trying to feed my cat celery after writing this comment. I adore you and your cats, Rich. Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)


i am in love.

how much explosive diarrhea do you clean up in a given week?

happy thanksgiving!


Well.. that was bizarre.


Thank you Rich! That was hilarious!!! My boyfriend and I just watched it together. I can't believe Winston eats celery! That's crazy.

Hey, I saw you on VH1 last night in a commercial. How exciting! I yelled, "Hey, that's Rich! He's one of my favorite bloggers!".

Happy Thanksgiving!


I also thought Winston looked heartbroken when you wouldn't share your food with him just before the 2 minute mark. It was so sad/adorable.

My cat sounds exactly like Rudy. Every morning.

Happy Thanksgiving Rich, you've been one of my favorite bloggers for quite a while now and I hope you have a great holiday :) Even though it's not a holiday for me, being Canadian and all...


Winston+celery = Horrifying. It was seriously gross and kind of cute at the same time.


You should offer your boys (are both of them boys??) some pea baby food!
My cats behave like I just cracked open a can of tuna. They LOVE it!!
I bet Winston especially would love it!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!:))
As always, thanks to you for being so funny.

trick please

Awww, sweet vid. Yay Rudy! Winston eats like a baby he needs a bib or something.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


Watching Rudy's head in the Triscuits almost made me spit out ice water all over the screen. The music was just the icing on the cake.

So good.

dizzy blonde

seriously, i am thankful for you, winston, rudy and your love one (live in) and all the others.
happy thanksgiving..........

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