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LOVE this. Thank you.


You should check out if you need to travel anywhere. They have been called the Rock n’ Roll travel spot online and guarantee the lowest airfare. They sponsor this awesome VJ Metal Sanaz and Linda Strawberry who played with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins


does any self-respecting gay man really wear a robe? let alone one that looks like crushed velvet. at least we didn't get to see you with your curlers in your hair and your moisturizer mask applied.


I love you. And your cats.
Happy late Thanksgiving.

My cat eats like that too. Everything from croissants to birds to crickets.
The only thing she doesn't eat is oranges.

I love you. That's all I felt like saying after watching this. I love you. :)


I want to hate myself for getting sucked into a blog about cats. But- your cats are clearly a special breed. It could be me that's the special breed, too, I'm not sure.

Titsley LeMieux

Holy shit you are the funniest motherfucker ever. The fact that you don't even credit the music is a testament to your audience's intelligence and I applaud you for that! It took me about two minutes of thinking "where do I know this from - it's some horrible brutal horror movie - I Spit On Your Grave, or Mother's Day - the original Hills Have Eyes - NO IT'S CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST!!!!" So fucking amazing! XXOO MATTY

The Slow Kid

@Titsley LeMieux Goddamnit, thank you. I was wracking my brain to remember the movie ref.

more Winston content please and thank you

el bee

i luvs the winston but have misseded some 'kitteh pride' posts. has he made it on ICHC? here's hopin'...


My cat and I can't see each other anymore (his name is Vincent Anthony), and I come here for comfort. I wish I could talk to him on the phone! He never shuts up either. And he sleeps on peoples faces. Mots are his favourite snack. Thank you fab captor of Winston, you've made my holidays a little brighter <3

why is this video unavailable now? it was my favourite!


Those are not cats...they are vultures in cat suits! Hah hah. My princess is the same way: sits on my lap during dinner and paws at the food on my plate, stands next to me while I prepare food in the AM and claws my leg to get a taste. Why do I suffer this? Because she's my child.





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I want to say - thank you for this!

J  A

CARTOON: Bad News for Hello Kitty fans!

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it's interesting to see that shanghai is at the mouth of of the yangtse and has become the engine room of china, while new orleans with an even better geographic position is an economic disaster area.

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Well written, but I question the research. It is my understanding that the Nestle company is primarily responsible for a lack of breast feeding in the interest of selling infant formula.

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Thank you for writing this. For the women of Niger, and for women around the world.

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Well done, there is hypocrisy everytime we buy something manufactured overseas by workers whose lives hang in the balance with respect to safety, working conditions, livelihood and politics.

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This was an excellent post, so thoughtful and smartly crafted.

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A fitting tribute to your beloved abuelita. She would be so pleased. You certainly are a pretty lady, too.

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Beautiful piece, as lovely as she was. Great tribute on what would have been her birthday.

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