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i just watched it again!!@#@@! your BF is gorgeous which makes me happy for you. I love you so and hope he treats you well.
I am also thankful for your hero last week who ate the roadkill. she made my family seem almost normal. i can go to dinner tomorrow looking at them with a little less contempt. don't think they have tried that yet. but there is still tomorrow....


Ha! My cat has the same exact metal water bowl. Also, same exact love of bananas and all types of green vegetables. Our little monkeys are so presh.

Jack Mehoff

Rudy = Heather

Winston = Bianca


No wonder Winston has bowel problems... I thought you fed him a special diet? Not a diet supplied by "special" people. Please, stop corrupting his intestines! BTW, an as always, love you!


Special = Retarded


So funny...until the celery scene! I think I will have nightmares of that image for years to come.


The little kiss that man gave Winston was so sweet.


That's just WAY too much holiday pussy for me.

Steve Abramson

Well a merry happy T-Giving to you and your extended family too Rich - BIG HUGS (in my best Teletubby collective voice)...

Between the Halloween-ish titles and the Terms Of Endearment-esque music, I was waiting for the new Fox Special - "When Pets Attack" - Darn :(

And I am amazed at how many people above me noticed a certain hand near a certain crotch (this is a "Kitty Pride" post people - stare at the pussy; not the cock!) - Uh hum...

Thank you for another year of laughter and tears (from laughter) - Hopefully your holiday season goes fabulously!


P.S. - Just a random nonsensical thought here - (and I think someone somewhere suggested this) - with as much time as the cats get put on camera (and are comfortable with it) and as much time as you have the camera on them - it's getting vicariously ANTF in your house (F for Feline of course) - You should seriously do a spoof on it - the readers will all die from laughing...

...nevermind if we all die from laughing who will read you the following week?

Best as always!


This make me think of you!:


Winston eats like the Cookie Monster.


Love Winston and Rudy, love the background music, love the whole video ... but most of all, I'm pretty sure I now have little crushes on both you and the boyfriend. I know this because when it is either of you in the frame + a cat -- I can't help but look at you! That's a whole new level of like. =) Hope you enjoy the holiday.


That was great -- and thank you for including some of the Rudy Plant Eating footage, I had forgotten about it and it's one of my favorites! The only treats my cats will eat are the freeze-dried meat treats and even then they sometimes turn up their noses! Rudy and Winnie could teach them a little about gratitude, and me too -- thanks for this little corner of the interwebs, it is (and you are) a joy. Mazel!

Kim Monique

Awww. Yay for Rudy and Winston, the omnivorous cats! I'm a dog person ... I had no idea cats were as undiscerning about food as my beagle ... that makes me feel good (and yes, I get a kick out of sharing my food with my dog too - he loves to snarf everything up just like Winston!) Also, he grazes (sorta like a cow) on plants when we go for walks, just like your cats like eating houseplants.


Cannibal Holocaust? The holiday season officially commences!


what adorable kitties! mm, and the owner ain't so bad either....yum. <3


I wouldn't want to scoop what ends up in the litter box after a cat/curry session.

Rudy is guapisimo.


It's already been mentioned, but this morning I was telling my uncle all about you (he's a big fan of campy movies, so I had to bring you up). We were watching a Rock of Love marathon for a few seconds before we put the football game on, and all of a sudden a commercial comes on and you were in it! (You must know, seeing as it was footage I was unfamiliar with, and you probably submitted it)

My jaw dropped and I just pointed at the TV and everyone faked enthusiasm when I was all "IT'S RICH!"


Well, that and we know you've been working for vh1 since Flavor of Love 2 was on TV, but whatever.

Even if you're actually entered in that contest they were advertising, I hope you win, whether it be through favoritism or even nepotism of sorts.


Rudy deserves second helpings today, just because.


I can't tell if Winston really likes chopsticks or not.. the scrunchy face is very hard to read.


it only worries me vaguely that you have that much food on your floor...


Oh Rich, I had to go to work this morning and that made me sad, but then I saw this and it made me forget I had to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and leave the comfort of my mom's house and chinatown-bus it back to NY. You made my Friday, my Saturday, my Sunday and my Caterday!!!!


I know I'm late, but Happy Thanksgiving.

I love you.

AND your cats. (Which is weird, because I hate cats.)


Loved the stare down you gave Winston...amazed that it worked on him though!

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