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Thank you ever so much, you made me smile and laugh on an otherwise devastating day. Who knew Winston could look unattractive (the celery) and btw, the bf kissing Winston=a real keeper.
Love ya Rich.


This was on Cute Overload yesterday. Winston's a star!


Happy turkey day, I am thankful for your wonderful blog!


for real, a bell pepper?

love it


I'm glad my cats don't do this, but watching yours is funny! Just don't let them eat any onions, it can cause deadly anemia in cats (and dogs). I've accepted my lot in life as the crazy cat lady, so now I'm posting unsolicited pet care advice on blogs.


Giving thanks right back for you, the cats, and the recaps.

Chopsticks Schmopsticks!


that was beautiful. just beautiful.


Winston + celery. My day can't get any better.


Love the music, it's so Italian-woman-suns-herself-in-a-field-but-unbeknownst-to-her-she-is-about-to-be-gang-raped-by-thugs.



You, your partner, Rudy and Winston bring me joy. FourFour forever!


My whole office came over to watch the celery scene.

Captain Calamity

You picked a bad week to postpone the do know that you're mentioned in the GQ that came out on Friday, right?!?

Congrats. And hurry.

Captain Calamity

The absolute best part is the "My Bloody Valentine" title cards. I laughed, I cried, I had mild gas.


OMG, yr cats Fucking RUUUUULE!!!! LMAO!
love to you and yr beautiful babies!


Monsters I tell you!! Monsters!! God they can eat!


Just when I thought you couldn't be awesomer -- cats and ANTM and snark, oh my! -- I find out you're also an appreciator of the criminally underestimated cultural production that was Sifl and Olly.

miss r

There should be a lot more Winston. Actually, there should be minute to minute updates about what Winston is doing. I'm seriously guys. Can there be a Winston fan club? and can we have t-shirts?


This was just too cute! I love how the one cat stares at the guy while he's eating. My cats are the same way, although I don't think I've ever seen one of them eat celery! Bread yes, but celery no! LOL!


Been reading thru this post and while the cats were adorable I find the comments on the music the funniest. Does no one know that this is the theme music to Cannibal Holocaust? Sorry I have seen that film so the entire clip of watching these two cute and furry cats only made me think of that movie which was by far the worst, most brutal movie I have seen to date.


That Winston stare-down was incredible. If I ever tried such a thing, my cat would just laugh at me. And then beat me up and take my dinner.


I seriously think that this clip was tailored directly to me. The theme from Cannibal Holocaust and two adorable cats devouring food like they was people...eating people. I love this clip so much! Thanks for sharing it!

Chicago baby!

One of life's little pleasures is watching a cat eat celery. For Christmas, I'm hoping Rich launches a 24/7 Kitty Pride site. I could watch Winston and Rudy All. Day. Long. Gnome sane?


Man, your boyfriend looks like a shaved head Johnnie Lee Miller. Hottest gay couple ever! And of course, the cats make me laugh.


cats suck

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