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December 10, 2007



Waiting for you to update, I have spent the last 5 minutes staring in wonder at the absolute pinnacle of human existence that is Dianne exercising in GIF format to Kate Bush.


I think there are only about 5 people who vote for the CoverGirl of the week, and they are all blood relatives of Heather.

OMG. Thank you.


Ugh, I don't even care who wins at this point. Jenah's the only one with a personality that doesn't make me throw up in my mouth, but she's a chipmunk.

Also: great recap, as always! You make Mondays worthwhile.


If they're having the finale taped live, I wish when they announce the winner the entire audience just collectively screams "Heather!" Tyra would shit herself.

Biyanka looks like a Muppet and is finally going home. I'm very happy.

"Linguistic onion"? Rich I want to have your babies!




I almost miss Biyanka. Almost. The remaining three are dull, so thank god for your recaps, Rich.

Love the Feliz NaviFierce but croissant head wins it for me this week. Oh. My. God. what were those putrid things on their heads? Fire those "stylists" who are probably called "Becky."

Thank you for pulling the last shreds of humor from this incredibly lackluster almost end of the season. I can only imagine it's getting harder each week.


Am I insane or does Chantal totally look like Melrose in that group shot?

Is it bad that I want Jenah to win, just because I sort of hate Chantal and Saleisha? Lisa and Heather got totally screwed.


I feel like it's a bit like this year's bachelor. At some point Tyra's going to look around, realize that everyone left has no shot at actually making money from modeling, and declare no winner.

Meanwhile though, Saleisha should sue the show for that little lord fauntleroy haircut.

And I guess even though she looks like a woodland creature, that Jenah will win? It seems like the writers are doing their necessary underdog story arc.


Linguistic Onion would make a great name for a band.


oh i was so happy B is gone. i hope no agency picks her cantankerous ass up.


It was nice to be surprised by Bianca's elim since I'd pegged her for 3d place. Girl always looked pissed in all of her pics. Chantal is now the pic for 3d with the whole, "You're pretty and all-American and just not edgy or versatile enough." The irony being CG and 17 as prizes.

Jenah needs to stop opening beer bottles with her teeth and learn to smile without showing those bottom ones. I hope she got that rat's nest taken out of her head when she was done. She'll be runner-up.

The winner being Tootie. Her pic wasn't bad but the close-up was harsh. Her face looks pinched and painful. Of course, being Tyra's chosen nothing was mentioned at panel (like the designer at the go-sees who wasn't impressed with Saleisha since nothing bad can be said about her apparently). Even if her CG pic for this week is the worse of the three. That better be one heck of a commercial and runway showdown.

I'm not bothered by Heather winning CGOTW since there were a fair number of people who predicted it would happen and how happy Tyrant would be about it.


Um, are you single now?


Awww, to quote my favorite Katamari Damacy song "I want to wad you up into my life!"

Awesome recap as always! Merry Christmas!


other things to compare Chantal's freakish photoshoot hair to:

a hammerhead shark:

Krang from the Ninja Turtles:

yes? anybody?

Michelle J.

i just found your blog and I read on in amazement. I love your humor. Keep up the good work.


I miss Bee-yanka!
Now I officially have to root for yuckmouth Jenah, because if Salacious Crumb or Wonky Eye McGee win, I will personally set Tyra Banks on fire.


You vote for covergirl of the week after the episode. So each CotW is for the previous episode. This has happened many times before where an eliminated girl wins.

Also I don't see why Jenah keeps getting blamed for that ratty bleached out weave Tyra stuck to her head.

I'm going to miss Biyanka.


"Sister" = linguistical onion!

You're killing me!

House of Jules


Umm... that picture of Saleisha SUCKS!!! Tootie has butter face and sausage legs! Best in Top Model History? I think not!!!


Did anyone else notice that the shot of Bianca with a scrunched up face looks like she's doing a guest shot as a vampire on Buffy?


Did anyone notice when Twiggy was saying something about Bianca and along with her accent and whatever the sentence was it came out like "Biyanker"...when I was telling someone about the episode later I couldn't stop pronouncing her name that way!!

Nadia Korshunova

this http://fourfour.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/12/09/chantal_breadhead.jpg
made my entire week/rest of the year.

honestly though, thanks for the literal LOL's.

Nadia Korshunova

oops that didn't post right.
it was the picture of chantal with the croissant in her head. lol.


Awesome recap, as always, but I have to disagree about Saleisha's shot. I think it's ass on a stick. I don't like her face, and I feel like it was photoshopped to the max. I know they all are, but if she can actually jump that high, then I promise to stop calling her Tootie.

And I'm not doing that anytime soon.

Maybe it's just that I hate her sooo much that it's blinding my good judgement. But I just had to vent.

Love the afro pic of Ms. Jay. That may be my new screensaver.

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