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December 27, 2007



I hope Winston and Rudy's days have been full of sloth and gluttony, too! Enjoy your lazytimes.


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! Watch on Monday the CW's marathon of all nine ANTM seasons. If you have time and are feeling generous, could you do a little recap on seasons 1 and 2? Your minions have been clammering for it.


I'm totally breaking in my new Xbox 360 games.

P.S. BTW I'm 36 years old. So? Happy 2008!



Rich - the mix! You promised!

Alright, fine. I need to stop being so emotionally vested in these blog-things.


Enjoy yourself now and in the new year!! Sloth is a good thing this time of year.


Hell ya, and please forgive me for using the word "blogging" in a previous post. Ewww on me.
Have a fun time. We are eating, playing games, watching movies, going out and having fun. Happy New Year.


I'm late for a Merry Christmas wish, so love and peace be with you, and your mate, and Winston, and the other cat I see in your videos!

dizzy blonde


I am so glad you rested. I keep checking the site for updates, but knowing you wanted rest is also good. Best wishes to you and him (BF), Winston, and Rudy. Look forward to a great 2008 with you...well rested and full of vibe.
Will see you when we see you....until....


Sloth: check. Gluttony: check. Also, if you're me...Unemployment: check, every two weeks.

Enjoy your rest, Rich!

Have a great rest!! But I have to tell you... I was hoping for a repeat of the best songs of 2006 (well, 2007 now). I dl'd all the songs you recommended and made a mix called "fourfour's twothousandSICK mix" haha. Everyone keeps asking for another!! Could this be in the future?


Recently, quite a few celebrities were said to appear on the millionaire luxury club "MEETRICH.COM". OMG!!! Are these famous guys fond of internet dating for now?? Maybe they are indeed so rich that they feel boring sometimes to need new things?


Happy 2008, Rich!

juno? yay? nay?

happiness abound for you and yours. come back soon.

request: could you do a movie review of juno? i think what you might have to say might warm my cold winter heart.


Hopin you and all your loved ones the best in 2008. On a side note, can you cover or add a little blurb about the raz b & stokes drama. I really am interested in your opinion cuz I think it's not getting enough media coverage and even though it's blowing up in youtube, it's still not too prevalent in news. It's sooooo sad.


Rich, just saw Chris from this season of Project Runway at Au Bon Pain on Wall Street. Figured you'd want to know :-)


Rest up.

The skanks/whores/meth addicts/clueless beauty contestants/washed up celebs/Divas/fun bitches/Tyra's of the world will still be there when you return.


Thanks for keeping me entertained in 2007 Rich- here's to a good 2008 for you, and for all post-antm readers/winston-ites.
Cheers from London


hey i just saw Jade from ANTM in the new Ne-Yo video (go on girl) check it out!!!!


Hi Rich,

Thanks so much for your what you do. You seem like a down to earth person so, I'm sure you're well aware of what it is that you really do for your readers. Your talent is a gift, when you make people smile and laugh, you are doing good things. Rest, be well, get lots of hugs and good food and smoke and wine and, ok I'll stop! Best to you and yours for 2008. Same to all the readers.


btw...I had the day off today so, I watched tv. On Christina's Court, some guy named Matthew Fashion was bitching about his friend beating him down in the parking lot of the "gay bar". Matthew claimed to be a stylist for ANTM??? They had a clip of the beat down, I'm sure it's on YouTube as well as the Christina's Court episode.


AW SAD. And I understand.

aj moo

Omg I was totally in Times Sq last night and saw Lisa and said hello to her. Omg omg omg. I must say, her forehead looks much smaller in person. The camera didn't love her hair line.
Love the blog, keep up the good work,


I request from you nothing.
Im in love with your writing and your winston.
Stay rested.
Don't give in to these blog vultures.



Happy holidays, Rich, and congrats on the shout-out in GQ! When I read it I felt like my little boy's all grown up and doing well for himself.

Yeah, it was strange.


Oh what, no lust? The shame.

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