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December 03, 2007



I'm first! And I'm lame because I'm one of those lame people who care about being first!


Am I first? Yeah for me!!!
Anyway, always a joy, I am with you on the Heather pain. I will die a thousand deaths if Tootie wins. But I like Jenah. I can't help myself.

Crazy about the girl

I will miss Heather immensely. She was really given a raw deal. I am sure that she was not given as much direction for the go-sees as the other girls. And how come she had such a "bad" commercial and yet her Top Model of the Week spots are really good? I call conspiracy here. Saleisha is Tyra's buddy and will win this despite her less-than-pretty looks (come on, Mercedes from Cycle 2 look straight up high fashion next to homely Saleisha). Saleisha would look right only in a tampon commercial, especially with that hair. I hate this show.


BEEYANKA for the win! (Aw, I know it won't happen, but the thought of it makes me happy.)

Speaking of happy, thanks to your Grinch-face/swapmeet shopper comparisons, I now possess the secret of joy!

I love your recaps but you never seem to like my favorites! (Melrose and now Jenah!) :)


I'm not entirely convinced that they didn't edit Heather's go-see problems. I think it's strange that it was not repeatedly discussed at panel that she only made it to ONE go-see.

Also, Jenah doesn't look like Christy Turlington, but she does actually look like Karolina Kurkova, except with even worse buck teeth. In my opinion, as long as she keeps her mouth closed, she's pretty.




DAMN IT RICH. I JUST got done drying my drawers with a hairdryer. . . damn your recaps and their ability to make me pee my pants


Oh man, Rich, that recap was FIERCE! Loved it, sincerely.

I guess Bianca's my only hope left, seeing as all the other girls annoy the shit out of me.


Oh, and also, how reminiscent of Nigel's previous season "you know me, but you don't know me" with Caridee was this season's drama with Jenah?


Ugh, Jenah is such a self-righteous 18 year old, and I'm afraid she's going to win and give self-righteous 18 year olds all over the world even more reason to be assholes in the future.


I will miss Heather but she needs practice being out on her own. I wonder if she has her driver's license? I always felt like Chantal was quite nice to her, like solving the too few beds situation when they got to China. Bianca, I don't like that much, but I got this weird older sister vibe from her when she was dealing with Heather sometimes, like a tough love thing. She was nice and mean at the same time.

Here's a question: The photos of Tyra they show before panel that are supposed to be in the them of the girls' photo shoot, are they shot specifically for the show or do they reuse her photos? Do they create the photo shoots based on Tyra's photos?


Please tell me Salisha isn't going to win. Please?!?


Im shocked that you didnt mention Heather's "Everything's in chinese... it's like greek to me" line. LMAO


oh heather...
also, awesome as usual, rich


Thank you for commenting on what a Dick Nigel is. He is like Tyra, but actually thinks he is more intelligent then the rest, which ups his pretentiousness by like, 5.


UGH that Tyra pic made me gag when I first saw it. How on earth is THAT a good shot?
Anyways.... I'm sad to see Heather go :( I can understand why she went, but I would've much rather have seen Saelisha go. I can't stand her fake ass "Oh I'm so sweet" act anymore.

Also thought the dubbing was HILARIOUS at the end when talking to Heather. The dubbing had Tyra saying that she only saw 1 of the go-sees, but then when she was talking to Heather after she had been eliminated, she kept using a plural as if Heather had been to multiple go-sees.
Pretty freaking hilarious that it didn't matter how many the girls went to, b/c the judges didn't even freaking know!

Abe Froman

I just realized (and am probably last to the boat on this one) that this cycle didn't have (or at least didn't exploit) any lesbians or baby mammas. How much do you want to bet someone's going to whip out an "I miss my kid that my partner carried!" in the next episode?

Great recap, though I was hoping you'd grab a frame from when one of the camerawomen got caught on camera. What? They couldn't fix it in post?


Wow, your screenshots are GOLDEN this week!!!! Biyankah + mustache = fierce


That sample shot Tyra did in the red dress just KILLED me.

I did have to give Heather props, though-- she wasn't scared to ask anyone on the street for help finding places, despite knowing they probably didn't speak English. I think she could get around ok with a handler. I mean, really, I doubt someone drops off Giselle in the middle of Beijing and yells "go see!" out the window.


Strangely, I vastly disagree with you on Jenah's attitude and look (I think she's gorgeous with a horrible makeover, and I loved her look at panel; and in light of Jaslene, I don't see Jenah's attitude as all that bad) and Heather's ability to find a job (couldn't she call and ask for directions in the real world, or have someone drop her off right there or something?).

The one thing I sadly agree with you on is that Saleisha is totally winning this.


usually in most reality shows such as this one, they use a lot of dubbing, maybe to clarify certain things, or add on particular statements. you can actually tell the differences, the dubbing sound very studio like.

kind of a bummer they get rid of heather. i was rooting for her, i think she's one in a million.

its kinda obvious who the winner is, they might as well give it to saleisha and end this suffering..


Hi. She:

talked shit about this:


Cookie Crawford

OMG..."single best screenshot of Jenah". That is so deeply, deeply DISTURBING! I am now without a compass on the show, and realize none of the girls really deserve to win. You've been saying that all along. I guess I was blind, but now I see.

When she's wilted and clumpy, Chantal looks like a porn star. Saleisha gives me hives. I'm now behind Bee-yanka because she has a great face, and am apparently the only person in America who doesn't care what a model's true personality is like, off-camera. It's not like we're ever going to have to be friends, and when I buy makeup, I don't research which model in the ads seems nicest.


Damn, images didn't show up.

Ok, look at the Tyra Saleisha-hair pic. Now look at this. Is Tyra's really any better???

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