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December 19, 2007



Umm... all I have to say is that the iTunes version of the album has a cover of Nazz/Todd Rundgren's "Hello It's Me" on it. I was pretty bored by the album though, but I've always been very hard on Mary.


Agreed. And "Roses" is my new anthem. Great track. "YOU SUCK IT UP!"


I was about to send you an email requesting a Growing Pains review, and I'm thrilled that it speaks to you in the same way it does me. I don't know if it's that I'm at a similar stage in my life, being 5 years into my marriage, but so many songs on this album are speaking directly to me. As a long-time fan I am so proud of Mary and this album.

MJB is my religion.


Oh, MJB. Love her, love her, love her. Sometimes when she sings, it sounds like pain. As in, constipated and can't move your bowels unless you SING THE SHIT OUT WITH FORCE type of pain. But i love her just the same.

I remember when i was eleven years old, singing loudly along to my cassette single of "Reminisce" in my bedroom after i got home from school. I say singing, but i was really 'whining' to the beat.

I remember trying to stop myself from singing along with hood ass Lil Kim on "I Can Love You"...."Who you lovin'/who you wanna be huggin'/dippin on yo Ninja Honda with Tanisha and Rhonda, whaaaa!" every time that video came on MTV. I never succeeded. I still sing it to this day. Even though i have no fucking clue what a Ninja Honda is.

I remember when i was in my teens, in a horribly fucked up living situation, blasting "Beautiful Ones" and "All That I Can Say" in my Sony CD walkman and zoning out in the middle of the madness around me.

I remember wanting to smack the shit out of Mary for getting breast implants and shaking them wildly back and forth in the last seconds of her 'Family Affair' video... and using the 'word' "Hateration" so freely that year just killed little pieces of my soul, it really did.

I saw Mary in concert twice in 2006. The first time was in Glendale, CA for an MTV special taping; it was pouring raining and the taping ran hours over. Mary walked out onto the set in a pair of teal green and leopard print thigh high fur trimmed boots and an orange fringed poncho....and red lensed sunglasses....and a white hat...and proceeded to apologize profusely and then send her husband out into the rain to buy the entire audience like 200 strong, freakin' McDonalds Extra Value Meals out of gratitude for our patience.

I love her. Love her love her love her, and i wouldn't eat at McD's if you paid me. She's just the shit. She's authentic, even with chinchilla on her back, weave in her head and saltwater tittays....she's the real deal.


Great review, I think I'll go check that album out. I initially got excited over the album from "Just Fine" because I missed Mary having a good dance track. Can't wait to hear the rest.


I have actually been waiting to see if you were going to review this album or not. I love Mary, but haven't purchased anything of hers since What's the 411? for no other reason than they play her on the radio a lot. After reading what you just wrote, I'm going to iTunes to buy this album. Thanks Rich...
House of Jules


I just wanted to tell you that I have a big, huge, straightgirl crush on you and Winston!


I was always one one those people who had a love/hate relationship with Mary. Yet and still I'd be bopping or singing along to most of her tunes. From Reminisce to Take Me as I Am. I'm a black male and although she makes songs for women alot, many of her lyrics can resonate strongly with anyone. I think I am one of the few fans who loves the "new" Mary more than the depressed, drug addicted one of old.

I love when an artists knows themself and knows what their fans love and want. I love the tracks that I have heard on this album of hers (especially To The Morning). Just Fine is my wake up anthem..."So I like what I see, when I'm looking at me, when I'm walking past the mirror". Talk about self love. I could have used some of that many many years ago.

Thanks for the review Rich. I consider you an authority on music so I always feel enligthened when we're on the same page regarding an artist (and for the record I was a HUGE freestyle fan too).

i like 'hurt again'


This CD is solid. I have faithfully bought all of Mary's CDs since her debut, but not since 1999's "Mary" have I loved the entire album. This whole album sounds good at first listen, and I know from the first listen that I will listen again. And I think it will grow on me even more, as so many of her tracks do. None are record-busting singles to me, but they are heart-wrenching - just like I like my Mary to be.

This is the first album that I didn't buy immediately upon release. But, having listened to a free preview on http://www.imeem.com/dialogs/standaloneplaylist/?autoStart=true&resize=true&p=cafiWUcG
I will definitely buy this album.

Ms. T.

I love Mary's style and attitude...but she can't sing...i don't know...i just find it hard to listen to her voice for more than 5 minutes...i guess that's why i've never bought any of her albums...but she puts out great singles though...and she seems like a really positive person which is a good thing.


my favorite song from mjb will forever be the little known "never been"


MJB keeps it real in knockoff world.


love MJB... she makes me want to cry with her. I agree with Aimee -- "Mary" was such a solid, listenable album. Can't wait to get the new one.


the title of the post sounds like a marriage proposal. ;-)


@ATSWU: Don't feel bad about not knowing what a Ninja Honda is....no one does 'cause there is no such thing... Ninjas are made by Kawasaki, not HOnda.

I love 'Just Fine'...haven't heard any other songs, though.


M J is a unique woman.she's gorgeous. but even clebs are lonely sometimes, someone saw her profile with hot photos on "WealthyKiss.com" a joke made by someone? but who cares. It's said Charlie Sheen has found his perfect match there.

Pop Muse

"I'm a big believer in R&B's ideal of selling the cliché, of an R&B track's effectiveness lying in its ability to breathe life into the trite." Wow FOURFOUR, seriously, u rock me hard sometimes.
I dont mind the 'Oprahfication Of Mary', as long as she is churning out great tracks like the ones on GPains.
But I worry you hate the anthematic "Come To Me" the way you hated "One". BC I had a DEEEEP moment the first time I played the new CD and it ended with "Come To Me", I kinda couldn't breathe for the last 2 minutes of it I was so moved.


Love this album! Great review...



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