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December 21, 2007



After a video like THAT, the lyric should be, "As long as we have WINSTON". Also? That Michael Jackson figurine thing next to the menorah slayed me! Thanks for the shout-out!
House of Jules


good god


Jewish cats smell flames.
I think my cat may be Jewish.


HILARZ. And I was just telling someone too young to have seen Gremlins about it this morning. Remember how Phoebe Cates's dad got stuck in the chimney? Wasn't he a rummy? Ah.


Does Winston always go after bananas? I have a three and a half month old kitten, and bananas are his sworn enemy. I was just wondering if that was a standard cat thing.


Seriously... I love this video so much. Winston's running and meowing is timed so well with the music, even if it's by accident! This totally made my morning :)


Merry Christmas to Rich, Rich's bf, Winston and Rudy.

Thanks Rich, your blogs never fail to cheer up my mornings.


I always never expect Winston to land his jumps but he shuts me up 80% of the time.


I LOVED THAT VIDEO. I nearly blew coffee out my nose watching it!


oh emm jee that pic is HECKA cute!


oh emm EFF jee that video has replaced A Christmas Story as my new favorite holiday classic!!


Oh Rich,
You are the best! Loved the as long as we have weed. What are you getting Winston for Christmas?


OH MY GOSH! I just figured it out. Winston looks EXACTLY like Dianne from Fat Camp. WOW..... Myabe that is why you have so much love for her


Whoa, Winston is one REALLY tolerant cat . . . I think he might genetically be part small dog, the kind that will wear a santa suit and prance around.


i can't decide what the best part was...when he fell off the counter and the bowl fell on him, or all the times he ran up to the camera and cried, as if he was begging you to get that costume off him. happy holidays to all y'all!


Thank you for the video. I feel bad for laughing when he fell down with the bowl but I've had enough cats do that, so....

To the person who asked about cats and bananas, I had one siamese that loved to lick the inside of the peel. He was the only cat I've ever had who was even remotely interested in bananas and peels. Weird.

Happy holidays, Rich, BF, and cute kitties!
Happy and safe New Year!


Thank God! I was going through Winston withdrawal. He has the cutest meow evah!


Some cats are chosen for loving humiliation and some are just "Chosen."
Mazel Tov,Rudy.

Torrin Paige

Thank you ever so much for that. Merry Christmas, boys!!!!


Merry Christmas Rich! Thanks for the video - Winston is adorable as always.


you just made all my christmas dreams come true!


After a morning of waking up too early, trudging to work to finish up stuff before dealing with the hellish airport later today, opening generic Christmas cards from coworkers, and reading depressing headlines on CNN.com, that was 2 minutes and 31 seconds of pure bliss to watch. I'm sitting here at my computer with a stupid grin on my face.

Thanks, Winston.


I love your cats. Rudy was like, "what the buggery bullocks is that doll over there, I should be scared, shouldn't I."

Winston cracks me up! GIVE ME THE FOOD. He was a real sport for wearing that costume for more than 5 seconds. My cat, (May She Rest In Peace), wore reindeer antlers for a total of 3 seconds, but it was worth it!
Happy Holidays to you and your boyfriend, thanks for a great year of blogging.


in the photo he looks a mix of Gizmo and the old Chinese shopkeeper.


Thank you for all the laughs and amusement you've provided throughout the year.

Winston looks FABULOUS! What a little dork.

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