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December 21, 2007



ohhhh my god I love it!!! I was cracking up!! Winston is meant to be a star!


I hate cats. I hate them so fucking much.

And yet all I want to do is befriend Winston with a boatload of hugs.


I didn't comment as soon as I finished watching this because first I had to email it to everyone I've met since college.

You torture that cat and I love you for it!

Merry Christmas to you and your boyfriend and Rudy and Winston. Thank you for the Greatest Christmas Present EVER!!!


Oh man, all I can think of after watching that is "Merry Christmas to ME!" Thank you so much! I love Winston and Rudy, and that video is perfect. Especially when he shakes his head. So cute! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you and your family!


I didn't know that Michael Jackson was Jewish. Kabbalah? haha

Thanks for the awesome video!

Driver B

OMG. SO many things to love in that video. I was digging it, admiring Winston for how adorable he always is, when I just FELL OUT laughing at him tipping the bowl down onto his head. Thanks for an awesome Christmas video.


Oh yea! Awesome!


oh thank you. just thank you. and bless tiny Winston.


Kitty torture porn? "No cats were harmed in the making of this video"


Winston IS Christmas.

(by the same token, Rudy should BE Hannukah, I suppose, but I've never really quite understood what Hannukah was about. Or how to spell it)


My cat is Jewish even though I'm not.


I must say that Winston looks really good with a beard.

Merry Christmas Rich and family!


I absolutely love Winston! Your blogs get me through the day somedays.

Happy holidays!


Seeing videos of Winston makes a day brighter. He is so cute and the way he whines about stuff. Him jumping onto the counter and then falling down and the plastic bowl going with him was true gold, he is such a greedy gus.

Happy Holidays!



I was thinking "I wonder if Rich will post a Winston Christmas video?"And behold, a star, and the star was Winston! Wearing a Santa suit. And all was good." Honestly, I read that in the Bible. 'struth!

So, since you and Winston celebrate Christmas. And BF and Rudy celebrate Hanukkah. Does this possibly mean you guys have Chrismakkah?

Thanks for all of the laughs!! Happy Chrismakkah!!


ooooooooh I effin love it!!!!! Love you Rich forever and EVER!!!!


That was a-mazing. Thanks for another year of using your blog for good (witty commentary and the finer points of dance music) and not evil (boring, obnoxious navel-gazing). Also I think it's really awesome of you to have an ad for Hope Cat Rescue on your page.


No, seriously, i must know where the hell ya'll got a Santa Cat costume. My cat needs that in her life. Next best thing to an Oprah as Miss Sophia cat costume!!

Dude, was that a Michael Jackson THRILLER doll next to the Menorah??! LMAO!! How dare you put MJ by the open flames! Don't you know his curl could catch on fire again??


Winston is cuter than Cindy-Lou Who!!





That was fierce. Did you get Winston an one-on-one with Miss J for Christmas?


The single best part was when he and the bowl fell off the counter. I watched it a second time just for those few seconds.

Happy Holidays to all four of you boys!


Did you know that singed cat whiskers smell like burned hair? True. I'm always amazed at how tolerant Winston is with the things you do to him. Although then he acts like an actual cat and is completely annoyed by the whole thing, heh. Thanks for the good laugh at the end of the day.

Happy Holidays to you Rich and the boyfriend and Winston and Rudy and the rest.


Happy Happy Rich, Winston, BF and Rudy!! We love you guys!! Too funny - I can't speak!


Hahah, I like how Rudy followed Winston around like "What the fuck is that?". Either that or he was taunting him.

I have a collar for my cat but she pretty much will writhe in agony until I get it off of her.

Michael Jackson is Jewish?

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