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December 17, 2007




I'm going to have to slightly disagree and point to the Eugena-Melrose-CariDooDad as the worst final three evah, but just barely.

Ah, ANTM is over. Now I have nothing to live for until March.


Hey Rich,
Great post. Terrible season...but am waiting patiently for the next cycle...lol Have a great holiday.


Ugggggh Saliesha. Ugggggh all three of them. Uggggggh.

But yay for you. You I still love. =)


The only way that they can keep this show going for another season is to do something radical like allow male models to compete too. That would make it hot all over again. America's Smartest Model is insufferable, but at least they can please their female/gay audience with man-candy instead of a cavalcade of weird looking chicks. (Call me, Andre. I'm into Soviet nostalgia too.)

Katie W.

Hated this cycle (stopped watching after a few episodes and simply read your recaps, Rich) but LOVE the recaps. Doesn't the next cycle start alarmingly soon? (Considering the writer's strike and all.) Maybe the next batch of girls won't be so glaringly fugly.

Thank you so much for the kick-ass recaps and I'm looking forward to reading them during the next cycle. Woo.

I enjoy your recaps so much, it makes me spew rainbows incessantly. And God, it's doing a number on my teeth.

Side note: Wasn't Stephanie the one on Full House that said "How rude!"?


Thanks for the recaps Rich. See you back for Cycle 10 in New York and Paulina Porizkova (who I can't see staying past one season if she's as smart and sensible as I've heard...you know the opposite of Tyra). On to the finale, even though I was spoiled weeks ago and prepared for Tootie's I still say this cycle is even suckier than C7 only because of the blatant nepotism by TyTy. The only good thing is that Tootie will slide into Never Neverland to not be heard from again and that's comforting. I mean, Tyra is fixing this show and she can't come up with better pics of her chosen one...I mean at least make it look like she really earned her win, you know? Only three pics could be found for the final judging and not even the CG ones...yeah, Tootie's talented alright. Also, why no Mr. Jay on panel? As for Tyra's Dr. Phil schtick to dredge up the phony drama, she really needs to stop because she's full of crap and who says successful models have to be all brightness and light, hello...Naomi Campbell or role models, hello...Kate Moss. Hopefully, some of the other girls will be able to eke out a living being models (Jenah, Chantal and possibly Bianca are going to NY). Which is the normal pattern since it seems losing is actually better for your modeling career. Congrats, Saleisha!


You make my heart sing, Rich! Thanks again for a wonderful season of recaps! Your site is why I still watch ANTM!


The only thing that will redeem this cycle for me, is if they do a recap of "where are they now" and Heather is booked for the most modelling jobs than any of the girls.

Lurvs U Rich! Have a wonderful holiday season!


I am so shocked that Chantal was in the final three. What kind of world are we living in where a half-deformed, fugly, retard makes it into the final top three of americas next to....
for a mintue there i forgot what i was talking about. a half-deformed, fulgy, retard model makes perfect sense in tyra world.
love you like the cool side of the pillow rich.


Thank you for pointing out Jenah's nasty feet! Ugh! That shot made me squirm! I imagined Amber Von Tussle from the original Hairspray saying "That girl's got roaches in her hair!" every time she was on screen.

Funny how there was no audience for the fashion show, so the only people bowing to Tyra were paid.


Agree with everyone, WORST SEASON EVER!!!!

I knew Saleisha would when during the casting special when Trya told her not to pretend that they were strangers.

1)She attended Trya's model camp.

2) She appeared on Tyra's talk show as a model.

3) She appeared on ANTM on a runway scene a few season's ago.

4) She appeared in a national tv ad for Wendys which is against the rules, but still was allowed to compete.

I'll fina a link for these stories if anyone has questions about their truthiness, lol.


Amazing recap as always. I kind of thought that cycle 8 had the worse final 3 ever... I shudder thinking about Jaslene's used to be penis.

Anyways, thanks for a great cycle recap.


Would you consider doing a ANTM "Where Are They Now" recap?

It would be the icing on my lunch hour cake!


Mmmmmm, that looks like a nice Merlot that Jenah is framed by. Tasty. I think she would be happier with the Sears soft focus picture-in-picture showing different angles, don't you? Sorry to nitpick.

This season was pretty f'ing boring, I must say. Spaz Heather made things momentarily interesting, but none of the girls really made me root for them (Like Kim from Cycle 6) and none of the girls made me actively despise them (Jade), so all in all - blah. Your posts were EN FUEGO this cycle, though - my Lord. The hands down winner of choke on your spit laughter was Mila's Cancer PSA - "Alive...With Cancer!" I lost it on that one. Just LOST IT. I may be in a minority, but I loved your video posts, too. The low pixel camera loves you.

P.S. I do wish you'd look into recapping ProjRun now that ANTM is done. I think it's a hot year.


I don't usually remember to comment, but I wanted to thank you for yet another great season of tear-inducing recaps for us every week. This may not have been the top cycle, but the gifs were probably the best you've done yet! And ONTD LUVS YOU RICH


For the first time in the HISTORY of America's Next Top Model...I watched only with an obligatory eye. Totally agree on the worst top 3 ever. Good luck having anyone take you seriously Tyra...the magazine spread has already been reduced to Seventeen.

Also, Beyonce was just on a commercial. Beyonce=Ubiquitous.


In the pic where you say Saleisha looks like Chita Rivera, I think she looks just like Jay Manuel. This thing is totally rigged!!!!!!


This cycle was BORING! THey should've made heather win just so that we could see her non-reaction when she won. That would've been priceless. Good thing Australias Next top model is on tv in Canada, it's much more interesting.

winston for president

ellesee, mad props for not posting "First!" That annoys me. But not as much as reality shows being painfully obvious as to who is going to win and not giving any element of suspense at all.

Great recap! Though, pin a rose on my nose, but did you mean to say that Stephanie said, "How rude!" Or were you referring to the few times Michelle said it? Jenah looks scrunchy and troll-like like a mini Olsen twin in that image, so I think it's appropriate.

And I need to save that GIF of Chantal tripping, stat. I feel for her and the poor guy on stilts, but... BWAH! Also? Fortune cookies were invented in California.

Anyway, loved your recaps for this Cycle, Rich, as always. I don't know what I'm going to do for the next couple of weeks. Seriously. Thanks for all the wonderful recaps.


Is it just me... or doesn't Jenah look like Nomi Malone in her cover girl ad...?

...except she needs more orange.


thanks for all the laughs this season. mondays will suck till next time 'round.

merry christmas


...and furthermore...

who would have thought that in a competition involving Nomi Malone, Top Model Barbie, and Dora the Explorer... Dora would come out on top?
My money was on Nomi Malone. She wore fuck-me lipstick and kickass boots. Andrew Carver... beware.

by the way, "how rude" wasn't michelle's catchphrase, it was stephanie's.


Tyra is so cute and sexy!!I am her big fan! Just a question about her, is she single again? I saw her profile on millionaire dating site MEETRICH.COM not long before. Just curious!

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