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December 13, 2007



Did you notice that there was NO Covergirl of the Week? Did everyone stop voting or did Heather just naturally win again?

And Vaseline with that fan looked like a straight-up ladyboy.


So not cool, she was clearly a shoe-in. And what was up with Tyra developing Jenah's story in the last episode?!

AND who gave Tyra a freaking shrink diploma?! Oprah wannabe!

Hey Rich,

Another season/cycle, come and gone. I wish they wouldn't call them cycles; it makes me think of my period. I will miss your recaps more than anything else. Looking forward to your observations on:

1. Yet another bad bun for Saleisha.

2. How Jenah's increased hygiene did NOTHING TO SAVE HER.

3. The crying count. Heather? Who needed Heather for the finale with these three gnashing their teeth and pulling their hair? Okay. Just Jenah's hair, but I digress.

4. The actual lack of an audience at the "Fashion Show." (Extra's only, puhlease, and 5,000 of them to compensate for the people who wouldn't be caught dead at an ANTM fashion show. Seriously, the last fashion show of any legitimate merit was in Cycle/Period 3 in Milan, d Squared. Downhill in a hand basket from there).

5. The entrance of the Empress Dowager, er, Tyra. (I think that was my particular favorite moment, replete with sideways glances at the coolees {spelling?} who dare not look at the Empress Dowager.

6. The fingernails on Saleisha that I mistook for chopsticks (who would give a girl chopsticks the flaunt on the runway? Seriously? Wasn't it dangerous enough having those people on the stilts? Did we learn nothing from Chantal's fall? Or, more accurately, the guy on the stilt's fall?)

God love you and Feliz Navifierce.

Oh, wait:

6. The end of Jaslene's commercials.



was salesha not a shoe in at the last panel. they could have told her right then instead of making them go away and come back. and what's with everything being done in like a day now? they cut Jenah and went straight to Seventeen shoots, they did the fashion show and had the panel that night? were they running out of money or short on production time.

Still...I'm glad Saleshia won. I'm a stan for her now. I can't wait to see her horrible "my life as a cover girl" commercials, and squeal with glee.


I think as Tyra gets older and more eccentric the fine wine of her empowering quirkiness and high self esteem is rapidly fermenting into a vinegar of full-blown self masturbatory tyrannical egomania. For crying out loud, she chose the girl who went to her T zone camps and appeared on her talk show!!!

On a slightly different note, the episode on the Tyra Banks show that Saleisha appeared on was a runway show for Rami Kashou, a contestant on Project Runway this season. Interesting twist, eh?


Ridickaluss! (<----that's just a joke based on your last post, I do know how to spell!)
House of Jules


Whenever I saw either Chantal or Jenah crying this episode, all I could think of was Madonna on SNL in the "Coffee Talk" skit.

"Thank you God for waterproof Lancome."

Was their running makeup really the best for a CoverGirl sponsored show?


OMG! "Dumb and Dumber" hair for the Covergirl!


This cycle was a torture to watch. I only sat though it so that I can have more fun reading Four Four and TWoP. For reals.


So my mental rule about the rotation of races and hair color in winners (that's how I called the last two seasons) holds true. Noone will remember but *I* called this season for an African-American girl at the end of *last* season.
I am OK with Saleisha winning even though she is REALLY dull. But Chantal in the final two over Jenah ? Weird that. People may dislike Jenah but she was a model.

Very disappointing season.


"Jenah, you have pictures that rival top models of today, however, this competition isn't really about who can hold down a job as a model, is it? It's about personality, and yours is stank. You do, indeed, need to shoot rainbows out yo' ass and smile witcha eyez to win. And btw, worship me for making you reach your dreams of discovering the true Jenah. L8R."

...God, what a puke fest. What a joke to put Chantal in the final 2. Even with the mop on her head and the fucked up grill, Jenah was ten times the model Chantal was. And Saleisha just rubs me the wrong way. Good God. I hate this show. And yet Tyra has sucked me into her vortex of terror.


By the end I was rooting for anyone but Saleisha. Even Jenah was more likable at this episode, and I've always liked Chantal.


I'm interested in what you think of the Salieshaversy -- that she broke the rules by being in a Wendy's commercial, that since she's been on the Tyra show she somehow has a relationship with Tyra... What does we thinks Rich? Interesting that LIE is in the middle of her name, perhaps some cosmic coinkydink.


Tyra's Vortex of Terror- now THAT would be must-see TV

So it seems when a model or designer fails to hold down a career by themselves, the emergency plan is to appear on reality tv.

But really, Jenah was robbed. She was the better model and that is all that should have counted.

I don't blame Twiggy wanting to distance herself with 'scheduling conflicts'.

Barbie dolls moved by puppeteers would have had a better walk than Chantal.

Actually a Dora The Explorer plush toy and a Barbie doll would have made an excellent final two, or at least a final two with more personality.

That CG photo of Saleisha looked like she was selling orange scented toilet brushes. You hair too can smell fruity fresh whilst enjoying the sweet aroma of a newly cleaned bathroom.

Cause seriously, thats where I'll be whenever I get reminded of the sapfest which is Cycle 9's finale.

Here's to another cycle of brown nosing and fulfilled childhood dreams. Its all so magical when you have Tyra Banks as your fairy godmother.


Can't wait for the recap. I really hope that you address the previous posters comment about no Jenah in the Final 2.

Because seriously, could any other portfolio (other than perhaps Heather's or Lisa's) have compared to Jenah's? Even then, they could only use 3 photos against Chantal, and Chantal was better in 2 of them (The Mongol Warrior photo is the only debatable one to me, Chantal easily takes the other two).

Sad to see Jenah lose (I totally relate to her "I don't have to shit rainbows to be happy!" comment) but seriously, the show got lucky twice with Dani(elle) and Jaslene. Tyra would die if the show became semi-legitimate with a Jenah win.


I didn't get to see the last episode... yet. I'm waiting for someone to put in on YouTube.

Oh my fuck, Saleisha won?! She only has like 2 good photos the entire cycle... Her only benefit was she could walk, & well... if you were trained by Tyra Banks for that for years, I don't think it would be easy to fail in that.

always answer b

Saleisha's previous modeling experience:

On the Tyra Banks show(!!)

Wendy's commercial

I guess being buddies with Tyra will get you an ANTM win


modeling weaves?! how clASSy.


Saleisha is Tyra. Of course Tyra picked herself to win. This still doesn't make me any less bitter :( I wish Jenah had won so she could model on the cover of Equstrian Daily or whatever the fuck. I'd even be happy with wonky eyed Chantal. I hate you and your penis head Saleisha!


I second that Jenah was robbed. And by a butterface forest creature... argh!





Sad. I'll still watch it whenever I can find a copy but I've been fast forwarding so much this season anyway, maybe I won't bother.

Let's look at it this way: since Jenah didn't win, maybe she can have a real career now or steady work or whatever one calls it these days. For her sake, I hope so and not winning will hopefully be a blessing in disguise.


All I can say is that I am looking forward to Monday's recap....I just love em....and hopefully there is a gif that shows J. Alexander's ever-growing afro throughout this cycle. LOL.....priceless. Thanks for the fun Rick!


I too was really disappointed with this season. The whole time I was watching the final two, I kept thinking, "when are the stronger contestants coming out." Jenah, Heather, even Bianca, were much stronger models than Chantal and Saleisha.

I don't know if the show is getting pressure from their sponsers (Seventeen and Covergirl namely) to have a certain type of girl win, but I think Jenah and Heather are both better role models than Saleisha or Chantal. They're so bubbly and chipper it makes me want to puke. Jenah and Heather were much more relatable.

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