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December 05, 2007




Saw this on TV and was walking around my apartment saying "I need to call Rich!" Rich, you need a hotline number we all can call when we see great pop culture.


The pic of Diane on the phone: she looks exactly like Jenna Bush in the eyes, no?

Butt Nugget

I was sad that Dianne was not featured, especially since she's fatter than ever - clearly she didn't stick to any sort of diet during the winter. Brilliant recap as always...





silky jumbo

the "fake" that logan tossed in her insult was enough to send adisa off of the deep end. well played, logan. well played.


Bjork! Dianne has Bjork eyes in that one shot.


I was trying to explain to my friends the Logan/Hair Bows issue when they asked me why in the world I was freaking out about DVRing Return to Fat Camp. At least there's one other person in the world that understands


They should make this a weekly show because these once a year specials are just not enough to satisfy my fat camp obsession.


I was so happy to see your prediction for a Fat Camp 2 to be true!

I was majorly bummed that they taunted us with a few glimpses of Diane. Logan was pretty awesome, especially her meltdown over the lice/bows.

I thought Adisa was hilarious, especially when she was enslaving her friends to make birthday invites and then goes, "You're all invited to my quince. You can all give yourselves a card you just made."

I also loved her blubbering on the phone to her mom: "There's this girl in our bunk who cries a lot and wears sunglasses and we thought she was doing drugs!" Amazing stuff.


this just made my day. I wish I watched tv more.
-her eyes do totally look like jenna bush's
-I have a friend who does that "eh" or "unhh" when she's pleased with something she just said, it's so annoying--we talk about her all the time--we've even tried to mock it, but that's surprisingly a hard sound to replicate

at any rate i love you and your blogs unnhh!


I knew you'd come through.
The quince thing was just plain terrible.
Even though the camp I went to as a teen over 10 years ago was not a fat camp, but a regular camp (arguably), as much as I love this show it makes me cringe about the camp lifestyle. It's so cultish and adding the weightloss thing to it makes it soo much weirder. I would have loved to have Rich recaps at the end of every camp day back then. If I were recapped at the time, I probably would have been like that girl in that cycle of ANTM who got forgotten by the acting coach lady and at judging. And I'm super ok with that.

"Imagine Courtney Love with a smattering of fly DNA..."

This was the funniest and best description of Logan I could have ever imagined. I am jealous I did not come up with it.


It's Tea Leoni that she looks like.


Dianne looks like Reese Witherspoon "in the eyes".

Good recap. :)


(she looks like someone so strikingly here in the eyes, and I can't figure out who it is. Tatum O'Neal?)

It's Jan Michael Vincent! Check out an old picture of him if you don't believe me.


Damn it - I meant Renee Zellweger!


I think she looks like Mariel Hemingway for some reason...


Dianne equals Bjork, right?????


Why aren't we friends in real life? Why can't we be the kind of friends who call each other and screech in the phone "RETURN TO FAT CAMP" and then hang up, because we would be close enough to not have to say anymore? New York is big, but not big enough for us not to be friends.


i finally understand those who don't watch top model but still enjoy your recaps, cause i missed fat camp2 but still feel as if i soaked in the experience... i actually desired to be double my weight to get into fat camp, wow-eh

your GIFs will keep me smiling all week


Diane was channeling some Bjork-ness with her eyes in that frame, yo...


The best part of my weekend was realizing that a) a Fat Camp sequel existed and b) I caught the first glimpse of it. That my husband was just as excited was icing on the cake.

I wanted more Dianne. I could have had two hours of Dianne and been thrilled. But her Adisa comment was pretty satisfying and keeps her on a pedestal. As little Petey as there was, I would have loved less. That guy is the male form of Adisa. I was almost sad to see him thin. Ugh! Evil, I know.

And as for Adisa. Sigh. I think age and growing as a woman teaches that there's nothing good about being known as a bitch. It's a meanspirited way to be. And its just so trite. I hope she works it all out. Yikes.


My roommate and I tuned in part way through (sadly), just in time for the hair-bows freak out. Before we knew what her actual name was, we referred to Logan as "Shades". Somehow, it just seemed to fit.


watching this on saturday, my first thought was 'oh boy I can't wait to read his (your) recap.'
and man, you made my afternoon.

I was waiting for logan to say to marisa, 'obesity is a disease!' and start crying some more.

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