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January 02, 2008


rich. dude u need a break.


Bonne annee Rich! I have always said that Celene is a black woman trapped inside an anorexic white woman’s body. Look at the way she beats herself every time she hits a high note or talks extremely loud for no apparent reason. Either way, I friggin love her cause she is the hoodest Canadian I know!

miss nee

i will never understand why some people vilify celine like she's babs or something. i'm not a big fan of her music, but after watching various clips of her and this youtube gem, celine is as crazy as crazy gets and i love her to bits for it. oh, my nappy headed, celine

well done, rich!


Brilliantly hilarious as usual! Thanks for making me laugh so much this year! Happy New Year!!


I thought Kathy Griffin was making it up when Celine dedicated a song to the all the parents and to all the children. This is why I love Celine. Also, Imus must be pissed that Celine can say nappy-head an he can't.


I'm crying. CRYING.


THAT was FUCKING AMAZING. Rich=Amazing. Celine=Awesome. YOU WIN.

Krystle C.

I have nothing to say about Celine Dion but I am impressed with your Killer of Sheep reference! Kudos.


I love it!!! So funny..."THE CLAW."


Excellent as always, Rich. Have you ever seen this -- http://www.jibjab.com/view/141287

Totally worth watching; even if you don't like WA's comedy, then just for her snorts.


Who, indeed, let Celine out and when are they coming back to pick her up?

The video was hillarious. Happy New Year.


That was hilarious, however slightly disturbing for a very personal reason. I'm wearing the same sweater as the "who let Celine out" dancer right now. Good to know he shops in the junior's section of T.J. Max, just like me.


where can i get me a bottle of that Celine Solution?!?!

you've topped yourself my friend. kudos for making it through not one but two DVDs...

Chuck M.

Saline Dion.

On a side note, could you help get the ball rolling on; "FAT CAMP - The Musical - On Ice"?


Love this. i'm so getting this book!
seriously though, celine speaks to me on about the same level that mariah does. both are out of their mind, though very talented.
there was a clip i saw of celine recording her new album and in between takes, she would just start belting some part of an aria she was more than likely making up on the spot. and though that would probably be annoying for anyone who had to live with her, i could not help but rewatch and study the clip over and over.


I don't care for her music and she's a big ball of whackiness but she was really sweet to the three fans, so....I respect her for that and her obvious talent as a performer. She is, if nothing else, entertaining. *grin*

wow... that makes me want to actually go see her in Las Vegas (although I know she's not there anymore). Rich, I'm so happy you're back from vacay!!


Oh YESSSS!!! I love Celine.. not even that ironically. I used to listen to the dual gems of "I'm Alive" and "That's the Way It Is" to pump myself up before a depressing day at work. Its total schmaltz but always pepped me up and made me smile. Yay Celine! And thanks for the video, Rich, it's hilarious.


HAHAHAAHA. who let celine out?

Kristen Shaw

Love yer new pic under Hero


She's like the crazy aunt I've always wanted!


(big, obnoxious Giada De Laurentiis-type grin)


Ah, Larry Kramer's Faggots. That book opened my eyes to many things I never knew existed. My mom bought it at a gay bookstore on Polk Street in SF(shocking). I swiped it from her and I just couldn't put it down. Good stuff indeed. Celine's weirdness is awesome and so are you, Rich.


This was truly awesome. I am crying!


I love you and I love Carl Wilson.

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