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January 04, 2008



Finally! Would you believe me if I told you I was just wondering when we'd get another?

Thanks for rocking in so many media.


you have great taste in music. roisin murphy is my fucking god.


i'll have to listen to this when i get home.. i'm very curious since your taste in music is so eclectic yet we seem to connect when it comes to what makes us dance.



All Hail Baby Oliver, that Mindless Boogie Dolly Parton edit as well as that Janet edit. Some days I wonder if you're my secret cousin from Jersey.

Speaking of Environ-love, going to Metro Area tonight?


U are Lovely, This mix is sublime. Thanks for a great year!!!!!

love the blends of house to italo to techno. very sharp shorty!!!!!


I'm so glad that you added Kylie to the list! I'm totally in love with her, and that song!!! Salmon dance is great too ;)

Love you Rich!


Gretchen Weiners

Yes! Believe it or not I still listen to your 2006 pop mix all the time! Thanks!

general mills


Thanks so much, Rich.


I wanna have your babies. Like for reals. Much love and happiness for 2008! You are the absolute goodness!


Thank you Rich. I depend on you for these things!


YES! I've been waiting for a new mix for a while now.


Are u feelin' the love from Houston? Thanks and Happy New Year!


RICH! i have been working out to spotting trains since u posted it in 06! i'm glad u got me a new mix to burn off the cals!


holy cow Baby Oliver, Switch, & Motor
totally unexpected tracklist
Props sir


Great. Now where are the Winston photos?


you put tracy thorn in anything and i would love it.

Shawn Fassett

Anybody that throws in some Jesse Rose & Boys Noize is fucking aces. Prefer the Herve remix of the Chemical Brothers' Salmon Dance.


Bobbin' my head around like crazy over here. You normally rawk, but you especially rocked this mix. Thank you, good sir!


Thanks for this Rich! I absolutely love your mixes!
Looking forward to many more in the coming years!
*See how I am being optimistic and giving you leeway at the same time?*


Rich i love this mix! can't wait to go workout to it in a little bit.
I still use your "disco: sound of now" mix for great workouts and sometimes in the background when entertaining!


Justice vs Simian - We are your friends


Basement Jaxx FTW! Awesome mix, thanks!


I've been playing the bu-jesus out of Kathy Diamond's "I Need You". This mix is spot on. Keep up all the good work, Rich.


I really love this. Thank you. :)


I DO NOT want to have your babies. Like all these weird chicks pn here. your music choices are kind of sucky actually...where's the knife or anything post-2002? Lame-arse!

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