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January 17, 2008



you're welcome, Rich! I can't wait to read your opinions on them.

I also can't believe that I'm the one who gave you the heads up! It was to be my proudest internet moment ever!


Better than last cycle.


Another plussie Whitney AND MARVITA? Cycle 10, I wuv you.




wait, who is marvita , i recognize her. did she already try out?

Anita Nooner

Is it just me, or does Kimberly's body look like a Betty Spaghetti doll? Do I mean Betty Spaghetti? It's somethin' Spaghetti, at least...

Anita Nooner

Nope, I was wrong, Betty Spaghetti's body is much less lengthy than Kimberly's. Now, her arms and legs? Yes.


oooo..how Bob Fosse!! Jazz hands, anyone?

I like Amis & Andy. Umm, I mean Amis & Lauren.


Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but it seems there are 14 contestants this cycle, instead of the "usual" 13? Had they chosen 13, realized they needed Marvita for a Jaslene Strikes Back story, and decided to keep 'em all?

Could that mean we'll have another show with a double "I've never yelled so much at a girl in my life" elimination? Anyway, good to see the new crop. Although I still don't understand why Tyra keeps choosing regular-sized girls and label them "plus size", when we all know what happened last cycle.

Can't wait to read Rich's take on them, after all, isn't his opinion the only important thing about ANTM?


MARVITA!!! I gasped aloud; I can't BELIEVE it! I was absolutely furious with Tyra & Co. last season for exploiting her with asking about all this horrible shit that happened to her, broadcasting it on national TV, and then saying "Nope, sorry!". I'm so, so glad she'S on this cycle.


Yeah, but isn't Marvita the one that Rich compared to Chris Rock???


Wow, they actually look like models this season! A lot of them are gorgeous. Either there's a lot of photoshop up in this, or Tyra's looking for normal beauty versus "wonky beauty" this time. Excellent!

Is that Brittany Cycle 4 on the banner on the right?

I read on the CW website that Paulina Porizkova will be replacing Twiggy on panel!


I'm shocked, they look way better than most girls have in MANY cycles. Now I shall hold my breath until next week.


Claire looks cute and pretty. Fatima looks very model-like. Dominique looks old :P


Yay for Marvita! Maybe I will actually watch this season. After that train-wreck Tootie won last time, I was going to give up...but Marvita might make me come back and torture myself some more.


Most of them are pretty weird looking this season...
I guess my initial choice is Kimberly, she's kind of mousey.




fatima is breathtaking.

Aimee looks like an actual model--please don't win.

Rachel 2

Stacy Ann looks like Danielle
Fatima looks stunning, but I won't be surprised if it's a trick of the light.
Where is Lauren's bellybutton?
Allison looks like Jaslene (ie drag queen)
Katarzyna is my favorite followed by the Aimee/Amy duo.

Snap judgment: I like them better than the last Cycle's girls

Rachel 2

Postscript: I just noticed that your new banner is from Paprika: AMAZING


After Scandaleisha last cycle, I vowed I wouldn't watch ANTM ever again - but omg who am I kidding? I'm addicted. Can't wait for it start and even better, the commentary! ;)


OPRAH gave you the heads up on this?
House of Jules

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