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I'm glad Tyra is unconcerned about letting her models display their vulvas, but she doesn't let them smoke on the show.


i never thought i would see the day that tyra banks would say my name, but she might if katarzyna goes by the nickname "kasia" - it's the polish equivalent of katherine/katie/kate.

my head might explode and i would have to replace my golden girls theme song ringtone.


dominique kinda looks like coryn from cycle 5, no?


Martiva looks like she knows she's got this one in the bag.

Dominique definitely gets best dressed.

Love the Paprika Image used for the header. Kinda over these bitches though. The cycles just get more and more blase.

Monica C.

I like Claire, Dominique and Kimberly. Which means that one of them is getting eliminated first (prolly Domininique) - because it always happens that way.


Oh, so nice discussion, and so reasonable comments. But i wanna say in the past 2 weeks I have been to several forum sites about interracial relationship etc and to my surprise, I find that many people just interested in my hot pics and videos not my mind on …what a pity!


Ugh... get rid of that ad for multiracial love. I always love it when people try to sneak that stuff in and hope someone will go to their porn website.

As for the girls, I'm actually impressed with some of Tyra's choices for this coming season. it will be interesting to see how they ruin them with bad hair makeovers. :)

Scott Free

Divine? Divine, is that you?


Dominique totally looks like a dude, especially in the group shot. As soon as my mom saw her she said "is that a transvestite?" Regardless I'm rooting for her simply because she's from C-Bus like me ^^

This cycle looks meh to me, I am not impressed.

I'm glad to see Marvita back, and honestly from the pics I think Fatima has the most potential based simply on those.


I totally thought Dominique was Coryn.
For a sec I thought they put up the wrong photo.



Isn't the picture in US supposed to be manly up top and feminine down below? Am I missing something? Some got it right more than others. Dominique hit it dead. Everybody who's seen her picture thinks she's going to be the "too sexy" contestant and everybody who sees the US group shot thinks she's a transvestite. She rocks.


I can never spot the plus-size girl in the group photo, and I particularly cannot spot the plus-size girl in this group photo. I'm thinking it could be fourth-from-the-left, or sixth-from-the-right (the one whose legs are 'shopped out).

What is wrong with the legs? That sixth-from-the-right girl seriously has two stumps that end in other people's calves and feet. It's creepy.

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