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Are you allowed to say that?


Yes, Nas is very chunkful but he's a tiny tiny man. At least by my standards...


Nas = Attention Whore

So through with him.


gross... shadows under your man-boobs is not a good look



You are so racist for promoting this and you yourself using the N word.



the look on his face and his posture make me think he's either constipated or defecating.

as for the subject matter of the magazine and the album - yawn - i refuse to take the bait.


hmmmm....debating whether or not I still like you Rich.


trick please

That's rrright. You do love the chunk


meh. pass.


btw, no post on heath ledger? :|


And yet the photo still looks shopped a little.





Brandon H

Whoa folks- he made mention to the name of the album- he didn't call the man that name. And before you call me a racist, I'm black and before the rest of you call me an uncle tom, let it go.

i like the pic as well- i hate the name of the album but like the pic.


hey...if he wanted to have his shirt off, might as well show the real him. no need for him to look like 50 cent if that ain't the truth...and supposedly that what he's about right...the "truth".


The camera loves him!

I'll kick myself out, thanks.


if you stare at his cross, it starts to mess with your eyes.


hey rich, love you. haven't even mentioned anything about heath, so i'm assuming you're working on a lengthy blog on him ;) its tragic and for some reason i'm having difficulty accepting it.


That cross does start to mess with your eyes.

My love of beer and food lately makes me look similar so, yay for the celebratory post.

One of my favorite songs of all time is by his father, Olu Dara, and it's called, "Your Lips are Juicy. You should check it out if you haven't heard it before.... I never get sick of hearing it.
House of Jules


he was brought to the yard, but he had way too much milkshake i guess :P


I like the Panthers fist.
Bobby Seale, Huey Newton and Angela Davis would be so proud, I'm sure.

And he does look like he's working on a doodie bubble.

Feeling it? Nas-somuch.


I'm guessing the album title is meant to stir up liberals, while the "pinching-a-loaf" pose in front of the flag could be engineered to outrage conservatives.

Or maybe not. What do I know?

His belly could use some ink, though.
A tattoo of a tightly-cinched belt would work wonders...


Ok White People, please sit down and shut up. Rich can say pretty much anything he wants.

WOW, I don't understand why white people get upset with someone says the word NIGGAR/NIGGA. You just incriminate yourself. If you sit down and mind your business all will be ok.

Now with that said, Rich my love...This Jamaican, Lesbian, black girl from Queens, Ny loves you and you can continue Speaking loud and clear.

It's just a blog, that is it. CHILL OUT



I'm not saying he's fat, maybe he's just not 'look at me, my shirt's off' fit. Really, it's the pose he's in that accentuates it. If he stood up straight and twisted his waist, he'd look leaner. I'll bet Janice could school him.


Yeah, he kinda is beggin' for attention. He let that whole, 'Hip Hop Is Dead' thing go to his head.

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