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January 16, 2008



The music made the video seem a little dirty, haha, and then when the masks came out I felt like I shouldn't be watching!


the background music makes this video. great!

this is the best.


LOVE Rudy's reaction to the bunny mask


OMG! Rudy's reaction to the bunny mask had me bending over and nearly hitting my head on the desk from laughing so hard. What is the song playing in the background?


My cats were always profoundly offended by vegetables.

What kind of starvation diet have you got those poor cats on?

I mean, sure I'd move in for a nibble, but I'm a person. With needs.
And desires... uh, is it hot in here?


i must admit a few things:

1. i swore it said this is how normal people feed cats to carrots. i was unaware normal people had carnivorous carrots

2. my cats hate most veggies, but i have fed my cats in this manner. we should start a crazy house.

3. rudy don't trust no rabbit!

4. and i will have to agree with the music comments. so dirty. is this kitty pr0n?


Highlarious. Especially with the dirty porno music. And yes, Rudy's reaction to the rabbit mask was worth many a laugh.

Alas, my cat also shuns veggies.


I sometimes feed my horse treats the same way. He "kisses" too! I've never seen cats eat carrots before.... Love your blog, man!!


This about killed me!

Especially Rudy bein' all "Screw you, Donny Darko!"


I was with you until the animal masks came out...then it became a little too avante garde. To me without my glasses on it looked like you were sharing blunts with Winston and Rudy, something I wouldn't put past a fourfour-ster!!!

Rich, you're really handsome. Seriously. Will you pretend I'm a hot dude and feed me carrots the same way?


eeewww...dirty porno music?!?!? disturbing images of a hi-five gang bang floating through my head!


Awesome, when Rudy's like, "FUCK that rabbit." I'm sure what wasn't shown was Winston going in for they "Hey, I can handle it, no problem" rebound on that carrot.


i can't believe your cats eat carrots! mine won't eat veggies at all. love how rudy slowly...backed...away from the rabbit mask.


I'm reminded of "The Truth About Cats and Dogs."

"Okay. Let's talk about boundaries here. You can love your pet. Just don't love your pet."

I don't like pussy that much to have it all over my face.


I'm glad I'm not alone in getting a lil' humid watching this.

Somewhere in his youth or childhood, Rudy must have been traumatized by Night of the Lepus. As I was.



The music was perfect, the video both funny and gross (and a little freaky with the whole mask thing). Overall, I think Rudy's reaction while you were wearing the mask "Uhmm...okay...I think not.", was the correct one.



Now wait just a second here...

How the hell do you get them to eat carrots? All mine will have as far as human food goes is tuna juice and corn chips.


rich, love you, but this video is as stupid as you think it is.

Driver B

I liiiiiiike the waaaaaaaaaay. . .kicking it old school. Love it.
The masks make the video! Love how Rudy wants nothing to do with the rabbit mask.
I wonder if I can get Benny and Fatty to eat carrots like that.


Aww jeez, I wish my cat would eat carrots. That clip brightened up my day :)


That was hilarious! I love Rudy's reaction to the mask. Bwaah!

Brandon H

Oh my god, you've completely lost your mind. hahaha. Feeding cats carrots with your mouth juxtaposed with "I Like The Way" really throws me for a loop.

If Freud watched this, he'd say you wanted kids. Hmmmm, is that that far fetched?


I don't understand the tone of some of these comments. They are the schoolyard equivalent of "You're weeeeiiirrd!"

Anyway, excellent work, excellent masks.

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