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January 31, 2008



I'm so bummed that I passed up watching this on the big screen. Now I want "WIPE MY BUTT" to be my ringtone.


What would make this even better would be if Derek is, like, 8 years old. "I'll wipe your butt in a minute, buddy!" Of course he will.


Gross - that kid sounded old enough to wipe his own butt to me.


This is one of the clearest cinematic representations of Good vs. Evil that's ever been made. Highly recommended.


omg this was toward the end of my netflix queue and i'd probably never ever get to it, but now i'm moving her right on up to watch this weekend. now i'm so excited!!

Miss Lisa

Thanks for reminding us of this movie! It's been on my "must-see" list for a long time. Now I'm properly motivated to watch and enjoy. BTW, my parents saw Juno yesterday and my dad says the lead character reminds him of me as a teenager. So now of course, my ego demands that I watch it. I hope she's not too obnoxious.


I can't believe you didn't include the sound clip when Billy answers the phone by saying, "World Championship Headquarters," as well as the now famous "Donkey Kong Kill Screen coming up" by that mutant sycophant Brian Kuh.

I would recommend taking a look at Twin Galaxies' response to the film. It turns out quite a few things were misrepresented. They're not that bad, but the score that Billy got on the videotape was taken down two days later, making Steve the champion for nearly a year before he went back to try for the Guinness record. Also, Steve and Billy had already met prior to the Guinness event and had even posed for photos together. I can understand why these things were not shown as it heightens the tension between the two, but it still should be noted that things did not go down exactly as they are shown.


Love the write up! I saw this in the theaters back in August or September and just loved it. It's one of my top five movies of 2007 for sure.

Oh, I want to talk more about it, but I'm afraid of spoiling people!


I love that you said he looked like Zod. LOL!

As for Mr. Awesome... wow. I mean, just wow.


I loved King of Kong!

Okay, please do a full write-up? Please? Give everybody three weeks to go rent it, and then do the full write-up for the end of February. It'd be fantastic!

Also, I know you're semi-boycotting Project Runway this season, but Jillian? Is SUCH A CHRISTOPHER GUEST CHARACTER. I swear, the woman is the quintessential Christopher Guest Straight Man character.

Liz K

Ok, do you mean to tell me that people videotape the tv screen of them playing video games, send it in, and then it is someone's job to watch it? Holy crap. And I thought my job sucked.


these people fill me with sadness

Washington Cube

His daughter broke my heart with her wisdom. I see so many bloggers out there using their children to sustain their popularity online. Oh God. He's growing and not as interesting as a BABBBBBEEEE. I NEEEEED A BABBBEEEE. Here is a picture of this week's pee stick.

I am not including Winston in this hot mess. Winston j'adore.


i knew you would dig this doc. Rich. ummmm there's a donkey kong kill screen comin up if your interested!


I saw a preview of this at the cinema a couple of weeks ago (no, it hasnt even made the cinema here in Australia yet!) and i was convinvced it had to be a spoof documentary. To think it is real, those people were actually real, is more than somewhat scary!


OMG Rich, I was just writing up my post on this movie, too! Crazy. I'll have to link people here. You saved me some work!
House of Jules


just put it on my netflix. thank you!

also, a similar but not as good(-seeming since i haven't seen the donkey kong one) is "word wars." it's "wordplay" without the upper-crustiness.


Man, I missed this at the Philadelphia Film Fest and my boyfriend just bought it the other day (he made a "pit stop at Best Buy" because he's insane). I can't wait to watch it now!


Rich: I've been waiting and waiting for you to see this! All last cycle of ANTM Chantal and her wonky hooded eyes reminded me of Billy Mitchell.

This is my favorite movie ever.


WOW this looks amazing.

Monica C.

Never heard of it, but you make me want to watch it - and I hate Donkey Kong.

The Over-Thinker

I love the daughter's wisdom....Steve seems like a bit of a wanker. But a likeable wanker.


I.Just. Can't.


I just saw this on tv because it myseriously came on the school network, you have to do a full recap of this movie, these people seriously act like they are in a christopher guest movie


I got the biggest thrill from watching Brian Kuh walking through Funspot trying to make everyone aware of the upcoming kill screen on Wiebe's game, you could tell that his head was about to explode, it was all he could do not to scream at the top of his lungs the utter REVERENCE we were all about to behold . . . this was heightened by the fact that he had never even come close to Mitchell's record and it was killing him, slowly and deliberately.

The sneaky phone calls were pure entertainment.

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