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January 15, 2008



It really is. I think there probably won't be many surprised by this, which is even sadder. I would have said the same thing about Natasha Lyonne (who I also love) a couple of years ago, but according to an article in the NYTimes last week, she's turned her life around and is now a working actress again.
House of Jules

Dat Gyrl

This is very sad to me...Hollyweird does it again. The first of 2008.

Rich...I would love to hear your take on the whole Britney Spears media show. I need an intellegent blogger's commentary on the situation.


Indeed; I remember reading Dolly magazine (an Australian teen mag that was also available in New Zealand) as a 12 year old and seeing him proclaimed as, you know, the next big hot thing. Completely sad, not much else to say about it.

Brandon H

It's soo damn weird, it's not even up on imdb yet, I knew he had a problem with drugs, but jeez- he's soo young. It's almost a guilty feeling watching him channel his own life into his disturbed characters.


I was shocked when I saw this on Oh No They Didn't.


Too sad. He was one of the tween idols when I was growing up.... I'll always remember him best in "Tom and Huck", lol. I kept rooting for him whenever I heard of his drug problems. He was only five years older than me. So young- it's just too bad.


Laura, I think I read the same article (bloody Dolly).

It really hits hard when they start getting younger than you.


I'm 24 and I feel as if my life has barely begun. The kid was one year older than I, and he already had seen enough success and failure to retreat into drugs and despair. Jesus.


How awful! He was just a kid.


Another childhood crush that died too young, right next to Chris Pettiet (Young Riders, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead) and Jonathan Brandis (Sidekicks).

Rest in peace Brad.


24 is just too young. no matter any circumstance. too too too young.


Fuck. He was perfect in "Bully." I've seen that movie a dozen times.

Day is ruined.


sad. i adored him when i was younger. He had been getting in trouble w/drug charges for a long time, i think he was tennessee for a while. Huck was my favorite, too.

there are so many people in LA holed up by themselves, depressed. Whats that saying something about the brighter the lights, the darker the night" Something like that


i feel like i grew up with that guy. never met him at all. he was just real regular, thrown into a whirlwind



I just watched "Bully" two nights ago on IFC. He was so talented. I feel sorry for his family. His girlfriend found his body - she must be so traumatized.


I woke up yesterday with the bizarre certainty that I'd see "RIP Britney Spears (198? - 2008)" plastered all over Dlisted, but instead I was shocked to see "RIP Brad Renfro" at the top of the page.

I keep reading about how drugs were responsible for ruining his career, but you know what? It was the fucking narcs that caused him the worst grief. Fuck you, drug war. There's no doubt that a saner culture is needed to address medical problems like addiction, rather than leave it up to the corrupt whims of institutionalized, uniformed thuggery.


I was in absolute shock. Thank you for remembering Brad Renfro (extremely talented, young actor) while all the other sites are too busy talking about Britney Spears (complete and utter trash).


First Jonathan Brandis, now Brad Renfro, my two major pre-teen crushes:(


This is so sad. It's just proof that children have no business in Hollywood. It destroys them on so many levels.


A Ghost World reference. Loved that movie.

RIP Brad
Sidewinder Employee of the Year


Damn this is sad. RIP Brad


I can't believe this! I used to have a huge crush on him. I so sad. Rest In Peace, Brad.


Jonothan Brandis is dead, too? Jeez! He was another "next big hot thing" in Dolly magazine. Their poor families - such great heights achieved so early, but what a fall.


Thanks for posting this. Yeah, pretty fucking sad.

I had no idea about Brandis or Pettiet either. (sigh)


Such a damn shame. So sad.

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