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January 11, 2008



this is fantastic stuff.


I wish you were my friend and/or in our circle of friends.


totally insulting and rude i get email offers like these from time-to-time, people have very little etiquette on the internet, can you do this for me in one hour? fuck off.


my friends and i have talked about this kind of thing at length, and how in some odd way for them its kind of freeing to be gay, because the ppl that hate you already hate you for all the things they think you might do, so whats the point in trying to impress them? i agree with you that the offer was insulting, in an almost 'i think i am really hip but somehow i skipped 10 years of learning to get that way so i'm like a wal-mart version of hip' kinda way.


This post is one of the many reasons that I love you. Rich, you rock.


I know that the following sentence may totally miss the point of what you just said, but I'm going to say it anyway. Rich, you are the best thing that ever happened to homos on the internet.


i also don't think its very fair for everyone in middle america to think that they can join in and give the "gays" a "good-natured ribbing" just because they watched a few episodes of will and grace. its very dehumanizing and "processed for your protection"


Brilliant! My question: Can gays have their own gays?


rich, you never cease to amaze me. you hit the nail on the head.

bob smith

and the ad that follows this: "how to look good naked by carson kressley"
haha, funny, indeed.


Rich, this piece is fucking brilliant! The ending damn nears soars in its truth and in its searing clarity. Thank you for rocking my cyber-world. This is what pride is about & you can bet I'll be walking back to my office with my head held a little higher today for reading this.


The editor in this situation was way off. I followed the link to the course description, and not only does the class seem like a thoughtful & meaningful discussion of issues surrounding homosexuality, but it's a level 300 course offered only to students who have taken the necessary requirements. It's not some silly course that can be turned into a "funny" article. In that sense the entire request was pointless.


Excellent post, as always.
House of Jules

Torrin Paige

You know, Rich, I started reading your blog for ProjRun recaps, went back and read every ANTM recap even though I don't watch the show, find your reviews of horror movies to be usually spot on (I kind of love torture-porn horror for it's own merits, even if I am a chick, but I have been accused of being misogynistic), absolutely love your clip shows and pop-culture commentary,and, like so many, just generally enjoy the hell out of Winston. It's posts like this one, however, that remind me why I check your blog on a daily basis. I love you, Rich. Thank you for sharing.


From a writer's perspective, her offer is offensive enough.

Whatever happened to letting stories develop themselves as you research the topic, instead of researching a topic merely to get quotes for the story you've already written in your head?!?


Excellent post, you are an incredible writer. I've always loved your wit, and your kitty Winston! (more Winston pics please!) I have even more respect for your intellect now than I did. Kudos to you for turning down her offer. I would have been insulted too if I were you.


Great post. I am forwarding it on. That editor was totally out of line. So many people think it's OK to stereotype and marginalize groups. As a Black female, I am pissed off with you! Oh, and kisses to Winston.


I caught myself doing the same thing. When my mom came out of the closet a few years ago she was just an average housewife, not a shaven head, militant "dyke" with a million cats (going on stereotypes here), so when all of us asked what she was going to do next (get a tattoo? a Harley? go vegan?) she was bewildered and said "Why can't I just be gay and live my life?"


Rich, you have so much grace! I admire that you didn't go Super Fly TNT on aforementioned fucktard editor. And even in venting your frustration about the situation, you kept it classy and articulate. You inspire me!

Quintessentially! Mermaids! Gay!


you know... i naturally assumed the editor was a dude.


Wow, speaking of stereo-types and homosexuality, I was taking a sick day yesterday and ended up watching Tyra. I don't if this was an old show but it had this "scientist" on there saying he could tell a gay man from a straight man with a series of test. The tests were very stereotypical. You know,"gay men normally act like this and you are acting like this, so therefore, you are gay"

Anyway, it was pretty offensive on so many levels and if you add in Tyra's usual antics, you can imagine the horror of that show.


Thank you for this really well-articulated, thoughtful discussion on perceptions of what it is to be gay. I think that homosexuality can be easier for people to swallow if they can boil it down into a few stereotypes that seem benign and mainstream, rather than having to focus on individuals, the nuances of culture, etc.

As a gay man, I think that one issue that arises from this discussion is that so many gay men themselves have a really narrow definition of what it is to be gay that they frequently perpetuate stereotypes in order to feel "part of the culture," even if it's not representative of themselves. "You don't don't summer in P-town or Fire Island? You're not a Liza fan? What kind of gay are you?" I hear it all the time. The fact that I'm gay means so much to me, and it also means a lot about me. But is it tantamount to my personality? Can someone of have a clear or accurate notion of who I am based solely on my sexuality and nothing else? No.

I would hope that no one is that one-dimensional, though I think that, because of mainstream cultural depictions of gay men, a lot of people would like to think that they are.


I went to U of M and as I women's studies major I knew a lot of people who took the class (they began to offer it I believe 3 years ago) and said it was awesome. And that professor is very well respected at the University. You should forward that e-mail to him...I think he would appreaciate it.


Very simply and eloquently stated, Rich. You should forward this to the editor and see if she has the balls to print it.


Oh the irony! The entire class seems to be focused on dissecting and deconstructing exactly that which that abominable editor wants you to do with gay male sexuality. It's about her need, and society's need, to create these stereotypes and how they form. In the course description Halperin states:

"Rather than attempting to promote one version of gay identity at the expense of others, this course will investigate the stakes in gay identifications and disidentifications, seeking ultimately to create the basis for a wider acceptance of the plurality of ways in which people determine how to be gay."

The course is actually ABOUT how gays are represented in the media, in literature, and in personal identity. I wonder if that woman even read the class description, I'm guessing she did not or was too dense to understand what Prof. Halperin is doing with the course.

P.S. You kick ass.

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