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January 15, 2008



She's been listening to Fiona Apple!

Brian K

Alloooo! I'm reading this week's EW... congrats on making "The Must List" for your Celine video! You are inspiring - keep up the good work. :)


Nice video! Glad to hear someone other than me giving the song its due props. In Denver, we were blessed with its presence on the radio (Martini FM) multiple times at this time last year. So intimate and gorgeous. It was a wonderful contrast to her...well, dirty image on "Dirty"...one of the many videos that made me dread video bars, if only because it was overplayed and didn't differentiate her from the other sexpot Mouseketeers. (Yes, I am pretty far removed from that side of pop culture.)


cool, I still remember your album review about b2b and how you perfectly described that song.
"It's an almost childishly simple testament to the necessity of love, as lucid as it is hokey. And, most triumphantly: it's the kind of egocentrism that just about anybody could get behind."

the video however, uh ... dunno

mighty undies

"I'll leave that up to your imagination because it's kinda-sorta embarrassing"

Erasure? Madonna?


I love you!!!!


JER is totally right. This does sound like a Fiona track.

Not to take anything away from Christina. This is a lovely song. :)


I had that Jane Child 12" ... had the 12" of "Welcome To The Real World," too. Actually, I think I still have both. What I don't have anymore is a turntable, of course.


thanks, that's two addictions from fourfour! ok, you may hate this, may not, let me know what you think either way...while I was in high school Waco had two of the best dance clubs in Texas, Outer Limits and 25th St. Theater, 25th was an old movie house converted into a dance club. There is a myspace page devoted to saving the building. Anyway, I was a regular and one of my favorite songs/videos was the "street mix" of "I Want Your (Hands on Me) feat. MC Lyte by Sinead O'Connor. what exactly does "street mix" refer to?


you totally downloaded the nick scotti maxi, didn't you? hehehe :P


Hey Rich, have you heard Hercules & Love Affair? Very Inner City/Kevin Saunderson meets New York Disco. Good stuff!


What a coincidence. I have been listening to Back to Basics non stop since I picked it up over the holidays at a used record store in LA. It really is a decent CD had she just eliminated the 2nd disc entirely. Since she's given birth, I was surprised that she didn't choose the track, "Without You," even though it is clearly written for Jordan. Seemed appropriate as well as "Save Me."


Rich-pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease-recap The Bad Girls Club. I absolutely NEED to hear your reactions to what these bitches do on a regular basis. please hear the desperation in my...erm...words?

C'mon you never even mention it. Atleast try it?


I usually am a big lurker but because of your post of Christina's new video...I must comment. That song literally brings me to tears every time I hear it. It will definitely be my first dance song at my wedding...and I'm usually not a cheesy person! Thanks, your blog is awesome!


Holy Shit! Rich thanks sooooo much for the link - i was going to ask you via personal email for Mariah's Make it Happen maxi and NOW IT IS MINE!!!!!1!!



Thank you so much for the link. I've been in love with Jane since I saw that video on VH1 back in their heyday.


back again to thank you for that link. sooo many good maxis. wow! yay! :)


I seriously have the Jane Child, "I don't wanna fall in love" CASSINGLE; though I haven't had a cassette player of any kind in 15 years. I used to blast it in my '81 oldsmobile back in 1991, when I was a senior in high school and thought, "Yeah, man, I don't wanna fall in love!"
House of Jules


i actually love that song. since i don't own b2b, i don't think i've heard it (i went to her concert... yes with the pussycat dolls, embarassing) and she might have sang it but it prob didn't have the same honesty, with like 4,000 teenagers screaming.

she looks beautiful in the far shots but her over-posturing in the close ups on her face, and her awful mouthing of the words takes away from the song a little.


OMG! "Don't Wanna Fall in Love" is one of my favorite songs ever. I play it on the accordion. I didn't think anyone else remembered it but me. God bless ya, Rich.


Thanks for sharing that Xtina song; it is great!


"I'll leave that up to your imagination because it's kinda-sorta embarrassing"

really? could it be any worst than listening to Christina aguilera? the bitch is a hack!


I bet it was "This House" by Tracie Spencer, wasn't it? HOT

randy fitzimmons

That is a beautiful song. I have been waiting to see when she would figure out that subtlety will server her voice so much better than all the bombast you usually associate with her...hopefully this is the first of many songs like this. After all the Britney coverage in the news lately, it is amazing to see how differently they both turned out.


i thought this post was about grizzly bear's knife and I got all excited


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