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January 25, 2008



I live for this shit, I can't help it.


So Fatima is going to be this cycle's "Girl With A Cause That Everyone Will Be Pulling For", and Marvita will be the cycle's Jaslene Second Time Arounder. Yay!


I feel like Stacey-Ann could be Danielle's (from a few cycles ago) older sister. Or maybe brother.

maybe this cycle's twist is that it doesn't suck


i can't freakin' wait for this cycle.

dominique is pretty--how very refreshing in a weird, unpredictable kind of way.

and of course the circumcision issue will be a focal point of the cycle; but we all know that ty ty is a ty-rant, and nobody is safe from her verbal bitch slaps.


Too funny...great job, Rich
I've been waiting all week for this.
Fatima clearly looks most like a winner but ummmm....
Does the new season usually start this soon after the old one?
I mean it was just last month that Shaleshia won.


Anya reminds me of Anne from Cycle 3. As for Fatima, I have a feelnig she's going to be the one the other girls accuse of having an eating disorder.


Banging sticks together to fight of cougars? Is that a Parent Trap reference? The Lohan version?!?


Doughgirl, I believe it is. That is how magical Rich is :-)

I wonder if the vag arms have gotten more pronounced......


And why do they ALL (and I mean ALL) look like girls from previous seasons???


Does Claire remind anyone else of Bebe Neuwirth? Now THAT's hot.


Something is "amiss" about Amis. Dude looks like a lady in those shots, and I predict a lot of talk on how she can keep her jawline from looking masculine.
House of Jules

liking It!

Fatima, Allison and Kimberly talk about some Hot Mama's!

Saliesha is still #1, love her!


I must say, your assessments are spot on! hahaha

Kimberly really scares me though. I think it's her 11-year-old face. F-R-E-A-K-Y. Can Tyra fix that?


"Norelle's afterbirth" - Rich, marry me now.


Why is Slutty cycle 4 Brittany in one of the adverts on the right of the screen? She needs to accept that she's old news. Look at all our lovely new bitches. Amis looks like a French exchange student and that's okay by me.


I love the "hitting two sticks together" remark. You are a genius Rich.


Fatima has a very Iman look to her.

I'm pretty sure Stacey Ann won this a couple cycles back as Danielle.

Katarzyna and Anya just have weird noses, maybe it's the angle but Anya's nose looks like it's in the wrong place for the angle her head is at.

Liz K

I bet Fatima's hacked off ladybits makes CoverGirl of the week. You know Tyra would give it a weave if she could.

always answer b

I love slutty Cycle 4 Brittany! Glad to see she's getting "work" [gigglesnort]


Ok fine. I accept that they brought Jaslene back after she didn't make the cut, and then she went on to win. Yay second chances or whatever. But this Marvita chick is really making me question the politics behind the casting. Is there really not a large enough pool of non-alien-looking girls in the United States that we need to recycle girls? And it's obvious they're not even adhering to the whole "non-alien-looking" thing. I see more interesting-looking, attractive women in New York every day (and that's just among the homeless ones). If she didn't make the cut the first time, the other girls were deemed better. Logically (or my version of logic), keeping her on this time implies that the girls aren't as good as the previous season. I've confused myself...

Sorry for the unimportant rant. I think I still may be annoyed about the use of Meghan on Rock of Love. I mean, she WON another reality show. It's not even like she was flying under the radar on her last show. At least let's pretend that all of these reality show contestants aren't just wannabe actors looking for a break, since that always seems to be the offense that gets them kicked off.


Mac, if she swiped Claire's outfit, she'd be straight out of 'Better Off Dead.'


"At the very least, this means that I should probably reread Possessing the Secret of Joy, which is my second favorite Alice Walker book and not at all because of the hot-button issue, as it were. Gotta get to referencing!"

Okay why did this sentence make me think of Sassafrass "Sassy" Cypress Indigo? FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS WEEK? Sassy's magical tarantulaism is haunting me. Much like the rooster in Possessing the Secret of Joy??? Something synchronicycal is a-brewin'!


I'm just waiting til the show debuts so I can figure out how some of these names are pronounced.


Stacey-Ann looks like a muppet. Specifically, this one: http://www.fxdeco.com/masque/muppet.jpg

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