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January 17, 2008



ahhhh! you got that ignorant shit I like/love/need. This is the mix i've been waiting for, friend!


Thanks for posting this, Rich! After reading about your mix on idolator I definitely wanted to hear it. That's really the one drawback to the different idolator mixes, but I can see why they didn't want to post them for legal reasons.

Matos W.K.

Thanks again for doing this, Rich; the honor is all ours.

Donny B

Awesome! I much prefer working out to pop/upbeat R&B than one long dance mix (not that I didn't like your dance mix, which I did).

But I can't believe you have 2 Britney songs and neither one was "Toy Soldier," which is easily the hottest song on that album. But I still can't wait to hear this one!


Brilliant. Glory to the 4/4!

Ned Raggett

Adding to everything above -- this is really great. :-)


rich we on that same page

look out for that techno r and b this year


I give credit to whoever produced Three 6 Mafia's "Stay Fly" for resurrecting the 4/4. That was 2005 or 2006?


Wait, what? 4/4 is /back/? As in, it went away at some point? Where was I when 4/4 wasn't the crutch of pop music?


Really? You've noticed it in the past 10 years, n? On this scale and not every now and then like "Stay Fly," which Bill rightfully cites? I'm genuinely interested in hearing some examples.


Whoa...your Idolator essay was a revelation: I can not BELIEVE I've been reading you for YEARS and never made the "fourfour - 4/4" connection! Oh man, I really hope I'm not alone in that.

While I'm here, I want to say that Love's Fucking Cheap has been on near constant rotation since the minute you posted it. Thank you so much...it's totally been the soundtrack for my winter so far.


Your recent mixes have dominated my musical life as of late. Thank you.



4/4 is introductory level rhythm for virtually every beginner musician of every discipline imaginable. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, but I don't understand how you can say it "went out of style" and "now it's back!!" or something along those lines, since, you know, it's pretty much kindergarten stuff in the world of learning music.

Stay Fly is also easy 4/4 stuff. I don't understand your point?

I could be missing something very obvious though. :/


I know what you mean regarding 4/4 over, like, 3/4 or 5/7. However, I'm using 4/4 to describe the disco/house beat: four equally emphasized beats per measure (boom, boom, boom, boom) instead of, say, a break.

It's tough because basically the same term is used to describe fairly different things. At first, I was confused by the use of 4/4 the way I'm using it here for the same reason you were.

Paolo Mastrangelo

So nice Rich, thanks. Thank you very much. This is gettin burned tonight for work tomorrow.


Alfred Soto

Love it, love it, love it.



I'm doing the head bob, foot tap in the coffee shop... keeping my ass in my chair is proving to be a challenge.


Why can't I download this?? :(


absolutely brilliant Herbalife


Thanks for this Rich, I can't wait to hear it!

dan renzi

I just can't believe I never figured out what "fourfour" stood for. And now I know.

It's like you turned the lights on.


Oooooh, that Omarion/Kat Deluna tune is rocking my clock. Thanks!


Calling it fourfour is more poetic, but for clarity's sake we could go with "four-on-the-floor."


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I looooooooooooove this mix. I've fallen in love with CUTOFF TIME and EXPERIMENT. You're mixing skills are quite sexy, my dear. Keep posting more of these, please.

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