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like many of y'all i'm of the ilk that Badu can du no wrong (even the spot on Girlfriends). I'm so feeling the new ish and can't wait for this record to drop. Check the cover art here: No release date, yet, tho...


VaporGuy: I heard the release date was Feb 26th


Ah, that's better. I just saw the vid for "Honey", and lament that the quirky inventiveness on-screen wasn't matched by something equally unique on the track. But this is the ish. GOD I hope she tours in support of the awaited "trilogy". I need to see her live. Like NOW.
Btw, don't know if this is artwork for an actual concert, or mock-up of abandoned album art but enjoy:


the top image is supposed to have a whole stereo set for her vagina, why you don't show technologically enhanced women caves? they play cassettes! haha


I love this woman's previous work and am looking forward to buying her latest.
My only complaint here is the cover art. Like a previous commenter allready stated the whole huge stereo/vagina thing. Not only does it look distasteful and whorish. It's just plain wrong.
I wished she would have done something a lil more...
It's like she's saying listen to my pussy music

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