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February 25, 2008





Great! Love the pictures of tyra, haha!

Transcendental Moo Cow

I actually think Katarzyna looks like Tiffany Amber Thiessen (sp?). Just my two cents. Great recap!! I always look forward to Mondays during ANTM...


Thank God you're back. Mondays without you were such shit!!


Home Sweet Home.


I totally skipped right over Atalya too! Mentally and whatever. She's boring, and not interesting boring, like Nik. Just boring.

And speaking of Cycle 5, how awesome was it that this was like a subliminal tribute to Ashley, that cycle's first eliminee? Not only does Whitney look and sound like her (and they're both from Florida, duh), but Dominique has her pretty gene! Bodes well for both of those girls...


wow, you always make my Mondays, Rich.

Marvita = Chris Rock.

Laura is Hungry and Frozen

YAY! God these girls are crazy. I don't think that going back to New York is going to raise them above the scene with Furonda and Jael cheerleading, and Tyra being prom queen...did anyone else wonder if a bucket of pig's blood was going to fall on her?

Hee. Allison was trying sooo hard. She looked a teeny bit Silverman-esque in some shots, I thought...I love that you noticed how Tyra tries to relate herself with every single girl and I laughed so friggin hard when you blew up Kimberly's face. Can't wait till next Tuesday (am in NZ, time travels slower here)


I wake up every morning thinking about your Monday recap, every second. When I go to sleep, I have to take an hour just to breathe. Not a hour, but you know what I mean...


The squishy face picture made me laugh so hard I spit oatmeal raisin cookie all over my screen.

It's going to be a weeeeird season!


tiffany amber thiessen or trishelle fromt the real world.

either way; marvita is on for the controvery and then she'll get booted. She's still bad.

And I kind of love Allison, skeletor rib cage and all.


I thought I was hearing her wrong when Fatima said female circumcision was "positive" and then completely flipped her stance. Thanks for clearing that up.


Amazing recap! This is always so entertaining to read


I totally think Katarzyna is a dead ringer for Geri Halliwell. I think she might be my fave so far.



Yes! Nipples for all! Can't have a true democracy without 'em.

Allison is truly awesome in her twerpitude; Katarzyna is really pretty; Anya is... I don't even know. Amazing, I think.

I thought Kristen looked more like a not-Norelle than a not-Jayla, though they really all look the same anyway.

Thanks for the stripper-song mp3. Doo doo doo...


"I love that Tyra described Anya’s accent as, “beach/surfer/Hawaii.”

ugh I hated that!! Has Tyra really never met anyone from Hawaii? I thought she was so world-traveled! That is an authentic Hawaiian accent, NOT a "beach/surfer" accent. I dunno, I guess its sort of like saying to a girl from Brooklyn "You have like a ghetto accent! How neat!"

Just Some Guy

Joan Van Ark today = Mr. Jay in a few more years and a few more plastic surgeries.


The last Tyra gif is so sharp and clear it's looking less gif and more Harry Potter Land photo. I love it!


I just don't see what what you see in Katarzyna, she looks kind of trashy, maybe after the makeovers. I'm definitely rooting for Amis though, she reminds me of Lisa.


THANK YOU for the Jigglypuff, but why no side by side comparison?


Fantastic as usual.....welcome home!!


I'm really not all that impressed with these girls.
Now that's not to say I'm not going to have my ass glued to the tv watching it every week though lol
I just hope we get some better models than the crap we've gotten for the past few seasons.

The nipple thing made me laugh for as long as Anya's nose is...

Also, doesn't Allison look a lot like Sarah Silverman? Not just in her look, but her entire persona except the part of being funny.


I meant to keep saying heh.... I just watched Canada's Next Top Model Cycle 2 last night on youtube.... and I must say... the girl that won that far.. FAR surpasses anyone who has won ANTM for as long as I've been watching it.
I want someone like her in ANTM!


in that one cap, fatima says, "you can black and smart and beautiful." is that a fuck up on the editors part or did she actually say, "you can black"?

also, kat rocks my socks, and allison is like an unfunny sarah silverman.

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