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February 25, 2008




My mondays haven't been the same without you


i fucking love fatima nad i hope her and marvita start doin it. lol. itd be perfect. i would imagine, though, seriously that she is asexual (i would be) being that hse cant achieve a clitoral 'gasm.



Hey-just thought I'd point something out about the Fatima situation. I am a Somali female, and no, I haven't been circumcized( Thank God!), but I think the reason Fatima pointed out that she couldn't have sex "with men" in particular is because, as anyone familiar with the topic of FGM will tell you, when a man has sex with a curcumcized female, all the sowing she had down there will tear, causing her to bleed profusely and have to be sown back up-so that's why she said that. I don't know the girl, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't mean to imply she is a lesbian- you're reading waaaay too much into that-lol. Love the part about robocop though-so true and so hilarious!

African Girl, American World

*Exhale*...I'm back to living for Mondays. Rich you rock!


Crazy, in that upper right gif of Tyra's judgments, she looks like she's saying "bon appetit" and inviting you to eat her armpits ... it scares me.


thank you so much for getting this up on time, ive been looking forward to it ever since the episode aired. i totally wish somebody poured pig's blood on tyra at the homecoming bonfire though, that moment would complete me


and carnie wilson???? hahaha, i wish i noticed that before


Last week you mentioned ANTM's glossing over of Adrianne's involvement. They did it again, they showed all the other 8 winners finding out and completely ignored her!!!


Doesn't Lauren look like a combination of Sarah Polley and Martha Plimpton? She kinda freaks me out/interests me, especially the freaky iridescent pale skin thing she's got going on.


More not to like about Allison! She said she came from the smallest hick town in Wisconsin and that there was nothing there...well Waunakee is actually an affluent suburb of Madison. Its comparable to...well any f*&king suburb of any other major city in the U.S. Tyra dont like liars, babe.


*"She does NOT look that much like Iman. Just because they’re both Somalian doesn’t mean they look alike!"

THANK YOU! Can you please shout that from the rooftops!!!

*"One of her sparring partners was a charming elderly woman who went by the name of Shalynda."

I hate you so much for that! You hurt me. It was totally unexpected but right on time. Made my arms all weak and my fingers all tingly.

*Doesn't "mom hair" chick look like Janet from Three's Company??

*Thank you for not jumping on the Dominique bandwagon. I knew I could count on you!


Rich, can you please, please, PLEASE post the entire MP3 of that Jenna-Impala thing? I NEED it!


holy crap she DOES walk like robocop. I think this might just be the season of those that can't walk on the runway.


The token "punk rock girl" is such a cliche, but I'm loving Lauren, black eye and all.


maybe she meant it isn't possibly psychically to do it with dudes cos her vag is all sewn shut? also J's skin colour is natural, he doesn't tan, or so he says. he laments being accused of that a lot.

Steve Abramson

This'll be an alternate version of the same list I put on IMDB a few days ago... - my thoughts on the 14 girls and who will NOT be on top...

14th place) - Stacy-Ann - What is she doing here? Didn't she JUST win Cylce 9? Last thing we need is another hyped-up rainbow-spewing perky-walking bitch! Plus, that doo-doo-doo stripper thing? Lord, Kathleen is starting to look really smart right now! - Yup, Stacy-Ann is gonna be adding to the crying count a week from today as she gets 86'd

13th place) - Aimee - um... - Aimee - I know there are two Amys on this show, and the other one is Lisa D'Amato's twin... but this one... man I can't see the face... sure it's on the blog, and on the group photos - but NOTHING stood out about her - she's getting the Samantha/C8 edit meaning she's gone in two weeks... hope she's a wet cryer!

12th place) - Atalya - I agree, there is NOTHING memorable about this girl, but the ONLY reason she won't get cut in 13th place is GOD FORBID two black women were to be cut at the start of the competition - EVERYONE would be screaming racist! (You should seriously read how many people love throwing the "R" word around on imdb! )

11th place) - Anya - She's more Brita than Natasha - her 13th place callout at semis don't help her - plus the combination of Natasha's garbled English and Mila's grateful attitude (even the FOOD, Anya? Seriously?) makes this bitch annoying even if she had her lips sewn together tighter than Fatima's hooch! (inappropriate, sorry, and I DO love Fatima - my favorite this cycle so far!)

10th place) - Marvita - she's gonna get the one more chance edit this week ("so what are you doing here then?" as seen in the previews - probably in response to the homeless shoot) - but between her and Dominique, ONE of them is going to get the "black bitch" edit (as Tyra would say), and frankly Dominique looks prettier and more versatile than Marvita (besides if Amis looks like Lisa and Dominique looks like Coryn - who DOESN'T want to see those two go at it? LOL)

9th place) - Allison - the girl that seems to split the votes the most - some hate her, some love her - I'm ambivelant(sp?) about her. I think she's gonna have C6's Brooke-itis in that she won't know what the hell to do in a photo and will finally have too many chances (c'mon her photos were NOT that good that we saw!)

8th place) - Whitney - Wow, Whitney, you take phenomenal photographs... - Your body size is perfect - Your attitude is still strong - BUT you're a plus size so you gotta go! - NOW!!! (Not sure if I like HER, but I like her attitude) - unsure about modeling potential, but I just think she'll get another bullshit cut and this'll be the time to do it!

7th place) - Kim - if my roommate would STOP watching "Legally Blonde" the musical on DVD (or listening to it in the car), I might actually try to like her... - but man is she so stoopid - double o for double dumb I guess - However, she's gorgeous (give her an edgy 'do and she'll be Catie from Cycle 2 - ooo a rhyme) but she'll be TOO stupid to take to an international destination (Tyra's already on this water having offended the Chinese with that "authentic" fashion show Cycle 9!)

6th place) Amis - I love this girl! - Not only does she look like Lisa D'Amato, but she has an obsession with vaginals weirdness as well (what COLOR is her snatch died anyway I wonder? or what shape did she shave her hair? and as a gay man, WHY would I even ask these fucking questions?) - She's gonna be TOO extreme to keep around, but I have faith she'll have strong photos like Lisa as well (especially if she gets to do a pube one!)

5th place) Dominique - "all this" is going to be "all that" ONE too many times (Camille/C2 anyone?) - I think she might be able to take some good pictures; and her body looks good I guess... but I just think she's going to be too self-involved, that Tyra won't want her around for the finals as the ONLY person of self-involvement allowed is Tyrant herself!

4th place) Casperzina - Montezuma - Paulina Pauri-whats-her-face - Katarzyna - damn that's a name - looking like Paulina gives her top five guaranteed! - Looking like a Spice Girl does NOT give her final three - I don't think she'll be a bad model - I just think that the top three on my list are going to surpass her and someone's gotta give (possibly being the fiercest final four since cycle 2?) - damn I must be on my meds if I'm comparing anything to that classic cycle LOL

3rd place) Fatima - Yes, I do LOVE this girl - and it's not for her not-so-split clit? (boy I'm scathing today) - I think she'll do some gorgeous photos and make phenomenal improvement - but I think her walk is going to be enough of a hindrance that she'll miss the finals (which would be a BLESSING since winners never do squat most of the time and I think Fatima deserves better than the crappy ass prize this show will give...) - Besides does Seventeen magazine REALLY want to put someone on the cover AND put in print the word CLITORIS??? - Um. NO!!! - Besides we already got clit-faced with Tootie, so they'll learn twice LOL

2nd place) - Claire - First of all, I'm the rare duck that is NOT grossed out by her drinking her milk - hell I LOVE drinking people's milk - well... men's milk... and prefer it to come out of their cocks rather than their breasts - but it's STILL bodily fluids of one kind or another!!! - This girl is gonna kick ass in the competition once they change her hair (and I doubt she'll pull a Renee and bitch about baby blues every 3 seconds)... BUT... if Seventeen don't like talking about the clit, they SURE as hell don't want a MAMA on their cover either - so, nope - she's out... meaning... WHAT???

WINNER) - Lauren - C'mon - if there's EVER a girl who's gonna take the dark horse route to the win, it's this girl right here! - Not as annoying as Megg/C7 (ROCK N ROLLLLLLLL), Not as helpless as Heather/C9 (the walk) and Not as bright as a box of rocks (that pose in semis was just "P" to the fuckin' priceless!!! - I'm stickin' with my guns - even Tyra says "all the working models today are ugly beautiful" (or some shit like that) - the ONLY way Tyra can not look like a hypocrite is to hand Lauren the prize!!!

Will I be right? No - but it's the only thing I've got going for me right now - cause after Saleishagate, Tyra is dead in my book - so she can just zip it bitch!


Allison totally looks like Sarah Silverman! And I'm quite sad that you didn't mock the white-trash "FLYYY!!" girl a bit more.
Nonetheless, great job as always.


I've noticed this before, but does Tyra resemble a Klingon with her furrowed brow or what?


When Amy took her picture out it looked JUST LIKE Jo from the Facts Of Life.


hmmm... so no one noticed that Marvita looks just like Chris Rock on Im Gon Get you Sucka??? I'd sooo give 5.00 to hear her ask for "one rib". LOL

Who Jackman

What I found especially funny about the first Tyraism is that if she was trying to say "Yes, I hear" she should have said "Si, oigo". It seems as though Miz Banks popped Santana's Oye Como Va into her cd player one too many times.


I think Allison looks JUST like Sarah Silverman! I 100% agree with those who have said it before. In fact, it's to the point that it kept bothering me because I kept on waiting for something odd and off-color to come out of her mouth... and well it did, but it wasn't funny! So I was left with an unsettling feeling...


Your right, Fatima doesn't look like Iman. Actually, in the side by side picture, she looks more like a Pound Puppy. Or Rowlf the Dog.

And you're right... so good to be home!


In the Constipation picture B does anyone else think that the crinkling going on with Tyra's nose looks the beginnings of a Kling-on face?
Forgive me for spelling that wrong...I am by no means a Star Trek Fan but thats what it made me think of.

Miss Lisa

Uh...at least Lauren is entertaining in a Ally Sheedy Breakfast Club way. Otherwise, Joanie is the only pretty girl in all those photo stills. Why can't she at least get a Listerine commercial or something? Is there no justice in this world?

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