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February 19, 2008



Will.I.Am? Of the the Black Eyed Peas? Wow... now he's like Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel Air!


You look so amazing. Do you have a question for me?

Bonjour du Canada Rich!

Nous adorons tes montages de Céline! You are THE BEST!

J Freeze

What's the track in the minute two montage?


Why is this special not on the Internet? Why can't I download it??? WHY?????


hasn't Celine terrorized the universe long enough? i remember back in the 90s when her pedophile.. i mean husband... got struck down by God with the throat cancer. coincidentally, that was when i also decided to become an atheist. i was all, "goddammit. so close...SO CLOSE! and yet, so very, very far."


I love that the cast of Spring Awakening dig their fourfour! Celine is the new Winston? She has some extremely cute shoes to fill!


Celine the new Winston? If that's the case, I'm waiting for the video of Celine taking carrots from the mouth of someone in a creepy animal mask...oh wait, that would mean she'd actually have to eat....will wait for the video of Rudy giving her a tongue bath instead.


"A couple of days ago, Will.I.Am broke his foot. And he still came! But he's not ME! GET OFF MY STAGE."

She is, indeed, better than us.


that financial-aid Shakira impression she was doing at the keyboard was classic.

in other news, Will.I.Am is doing too much.


I hope you don't mind, I posted it on ONTD


I love this video, and I love you.


Oh goodness ... I love Spring Awakening, and I love fourfour, and I love Winston ... and now I'm learning to love Celine, as she is the axis to all these things.

PS, You're fantastic!


I love that in the "she's in full control of her sexy" portion, when she's wearing the black and silver pants outfit, she does the "Batusi" hand over eye movement from Batman/Pulp Fiction.


mmm, I like the original one better.

they have a clip of her doing this thrusting dance and another of her singing 'who let the dogs out'. I don't think I need another reason.

(looking forward to the ANTM recaps!)


Spring Awakening gets a mention on fourfour? Ah, my worlds are colliding in an awesome way!


awww dear old celine...


Even as a Montrealer, I'm not exactly fond of Céline - for the obvious reasons, although some people here accuse me of turning my back on our 'greatest artist of all time'. Surprisingly enough, your videos and commentary 'endear her to me'. She seems like a nutcase, but the fact is, she's just really Quebecer... exacerbated by her international diva fame. I'm not too sure what this says about us, but... well... let's keep it at that!

Thanks for comparing her to Winston - you made her antics kinda cute to me now! But your kitty still is #1 in my heart :)


"She is in total control of her sexy" made me weep.

And please... it's not bragging when you share things like you did. It's called SHARING (The Awesome) Because I really need to know about such things. Really.


And WOW. I really fucked that comment up. I really need to start double checking my shit before I hit "post"


Oh NOES! I missed it! Why was it taken down? Is Celine and her awesomeness behind this? What will all the parents and all the children in the world do now?
House of Jules


Amazing. Once again, left speechless from one of your videos. And it's ok to brag, Rich. Brag on. You deserve it.

Jude C

Not as "titanic"?!?!?!

"Céline is the new Winston"?!?!?!?!?!

God, I've missed this site. I've been away too long. My stomach hurts from laughing now!


"Céline is the new Winston."
Wow. Maybe I'm just a Celine-hater, but I'm not sure if that's a huge compliment to Celine or an insult to Winston!


you make me *really* like celine. wow

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