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February 07, 2008



duck-u-la. i love that cartoon and i missed this episode.


Miss J is my favorite part of ANTM. I could do with less Tyra and more J.
House of Jules


YAY, i wish you could do the narrating instad of tyra.. maybe doable?




please do it rich


I haven't even read this yet. I just had to come down to comments and say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw this last night and prayed to every god there is that you would recap this!

Eva (not the lezzy)

Haha, Kelle had a jacked up TV!, but damn that dad interviewed after her was cuute.
Joanie got hired to do work for Beyonce`'s House of Dereon, but got fired after she overslept (it was on Tyra)

And i completely agree with Jtalia, you should totally renarrate over Tyra's voice and put the special on Youtube! Think of how fun it would be!! Imagine That...


I saw Miss J the other day walking down 5th Avenue and I swear it was one of the best moments of the year (even though he's also guilty of helping Tyra canonize herself). I agree, more Miss J, less Tyra!

winston for president

What a treat! I was sorta expecting this to be posted on Monday, so imagine my happiness when I saw this. It doesn't take much to please me.


I can NOT wait for Shandi's Italian hot tub make-out next week!


How do you know when stuff like this comes on??

I was wondering what you thought of Make Me a Supermodel. There's some good stuff going on on the show, although Nikki Taylor isn't so great. She reads her lines slowly like Tyra, but she reads them too slowly.

Liz K

Michelle's not the only one. Tatiana from Cycle 4 is preggo too. $10 she gives birth to a Pug.



Sorry to break it to you, but Robert Palmer is dead. No comeback album on the horizon for him. . .

Robert Palmer died last year.


Hey, if Tupac has released about 10 albums after his death, why can't Robert Palmer do the same? ;-)


Did anybody see Tyra's talkshow where The Moment of Truth folks were on? Tyra was strapped to a lie detector and asked these questions.

The questions she was truthful about: She cares about the ANTM girls' self-esteem; she doesn't think she's the prettiest woman; she and Naomi Campbell are on good terms now.

The ones she got busted on: Saying she wasn't jealous of Oprah and that all of the girls who won ANTM deserved it.

That special was okay but I'm hoping part 2 is better. Toccara looked good. Bianca needs to bury that wig or take out that awful weave. Heather should back away from the bright red lipstick. Camille and Eva are still delusional.

Noah D

Tatiana is preggers? Nevermind giving birth to a pug, she'll give birth to cousin Shelly.


They made Heather look like crap on purpose so they could say "See, this is why she didn't win!"



But is it just me or does Bianca's hair look like a hair style you can choose on wii??

http://www.famousmii.com/mii/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/hair.jpg (see second row down first on the left)


Yes, do your own voice-over over the entire special!! Aaaand that Select Dental commercial brings back MEMORIES!


I can't believe I missed this! I totally forgot that it was going to be on.


Michelle being pregnant/having a baby confuses me... i thought she was gay???


didn't get to see this. ty. Joanie ftw.


there were parts that sounded like someone imitating tyra was narrating. the fuck?

also, michelle not only had a baby, but had it with that survivor douche, johnny fairplay. what.

joanie is too hot.

winston for president

Michelle is bi. Though lesbians can certainly have babies, too.


I gave the link a hopeful hit just in case... Thanks Rich! Always a good read.

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