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robert palmer is dead!!
which would make a comeback video even all the more amazing for bre.

The Over-Thinker

Oh holy hell. Thank you for this. The only thing that could have made it better is if you had whipped up an animated gif of a red-lipped Bre swaying in the Simply Irresistible video. I think I'd pay at least a dollar to see that.

How the hell can an infant have a woman's long legs and sexy butt?


I love how their example of Miss J's "cutting edge humor" is "Personally, I think you all suck." That's cutting-edge if I ever heard it...uh huh.

Brandon H

Black bitches?


when the hell did this air?? I wish I could watch it, I love behind the scenes crap.


rich, thanks for the select dental reference. i'm still laughing. for the record, you would have done such a better job than the guy in the commercial.


I think Bianca stole Marv Albert's hair.




shelby, winston for president, Angela, etc

Wrong Michelle.
Michelle (Cycle 4) the athlete with impetigo had the baby. She's engaged to Johnny Fairplay from Survivor.
Michelle the twin (Cycle 7)is queer-identifying and not yet a babymaker that I know of.
And it is absurd that I care.


That Select Dental call-out just gave me a hard-on.


Suck ass! I didn't even know this was on. I thank God again I have you Rich. Altho, Joanie well and truly is my fave contestant of all time. Her Payless shot? Best. Picture. In. ANTM. History. And I'm an old lady who lives in Ohio and shops the sale rack at Filene's so I clearly know my shit.

I never dug Eva but my God is she gorgeous now. And Jael is looking as good as I've ever seen her. But where is Natasha? : (


Camille looks GREAT


Ok....Michelle had a baby with Johnny Fairplay? My mind is blown.


Where was Jade in this? I wanted more "Imagine That's!"



actually, michelle w/ impetigo from cycle 4 also admitted she was bisexual during the season. must be a michelle thing.


Lesbians can have babies!!? Rich, you consider doing commentary over the entire special. It would be a hoot!

finding the filth

i had no idea this was on. so disappointed i missed it. thanks for the recap!

in other news, bianca just did fashion week this morning. she walked for one of the project runway designers. and i could almost swear that jaslene was in the same show, but i'm not 100% sure.

finding the filth

word has it that danielle was also in project runway's fashion show this morning. same designer as the top model girls.

- I realize how much I miss Anchal.
- Tocarra smacking her hands together to emulate Eva and Anne bumping vaginas is perhaps the greatest thing ever. Hell, Tocarra herself may be the greatest thing ever.
- Dionne is gorgeous!
- Heather is gorgeous! Even with terrible makeup!
- God don't like ugly! I'm glad we cleared that up.
- I'm watching Make Me a Supermodel because Tyson Beckford takes his clothes off.
- God, I forgot how much I hate Monique.

I'm just sayin'...

Jaslene and Bianca both walked in the Project Runway fashion show


I saw Jael at the pizza place on Bedford Ave. She was looking ahead in the mirror when she ordered and yes, she was wearing that hat.


Oh my word, what in the hell did they do to my Heather? That was ridiculous and insulting to my eyes.


HOw the fuck did I miss this!


I liked that episode! I was glad to see Dionne looking so good. Some of those girls are BUSTED though. I can't wait for the new season.

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