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Hi, I am doing a research to find out what are the biggest challenges to you to become a model.

I am more interested into the thinking (mindset), feeling, expectation type challenges.

If you have any comment, can you drop me a line at


I'm pretty sure this is Bianca showing up in the Project Runway Finale:


How sad is it that all the girls look better on the recap show then they looked on the show?


Bianca looks like she's wearing a Beret


How amazing was Tocarra's hair? And wow. Every time she was on my screen, I loved her even more. Why the fuck didn't she win?


Joanie is my all-time favorite ANTM bitch.

The housewife picture with the cocked eyebrow? "Would you like to join me for a martini... and then fuck my brains out?" Brilliant.

She was the sly smiling ying to Bianca's pissy pouting yang.

But Danielle/Joanie in the final two? Best final two they've had.

winston for president

Toccara didn't win because her inner flame had been extinguished. Or some bullshit like that.


okay so why did bianca's wig look crooked? and u mean to tell me her hair hasn't grown back yet? (or maybe she liked being bald? who knows...) and i don't care if i could have won cycle 7 if i was on it, i would beat the dog shit outta monique. that bitch know she was stank.


Jael is a personal friend of mine (who suddenly has not spoken to me in months! Grr..! Still, nothing but love for her!) and I had no idea this episode was even in the works! I was mad! I am without cable because of a move and I hope hope hope hope hope hope hope HOPE they repeat this in reruns!
As for Jael... she'll be getting an earful from me! LOL!


"yes it's your fault cause you're fat, bitch." best line ever.



jaslene and bianca modeled for the projrun shows this week:


joanie IS getting work. she came to MSU a while back and said that she's making a living modelling. She was in the works with Elite China when she was here. I guess it's just not the HUGE stuff. She said she had at least 3-4 shows she was in at LA Fashion Week. She went to a casting for Heatherette too but didn't get cast.


hey just to let anyone who cares know...biyanka walked in chris march's collection for project runway. this isn't a spoiler...all 5 collections went out at fashion week. funny!

and jaslene in jillian's collection


Dani(elle) walked for Chris March's collection as well. So Chris had two ANTM'ers. Impressive sort of. :)



THANK YOU, Rich, for standing up for The Crock of Chris as "your hero." I just read the most hateful things on Gawker ABOUT the hateful comments on Youtube. Very little daylight between the responses, in the end. Yikes. Psychos should get off the interweb and go back to church.


Hey Chibi and Reese,

Thanks for finally identifying which Project Runway shows the ANTM divas walked in. I really liked the dresses that Chris came up with, especially Bianca's, and Jillian's couture frock was fabulous as well. So looking forward to the PR finale! Hoping Chris got in the finale and, if he didn't, still glad to see two of the dresses got some press. Again, thanks for identifying.

Cycle 10? Bring it on.


Rich, you'd be a perfect Select Dental fake hubby.

Am I the only one who thought Toccara seemed totally desperate the whole time? She looked great but I just kept getting a "please don't let this be the last time i get to comment on TV" subtext. Probably should have been more stoned.


Annie, isn't Tocarra like a permanent host on BET? Doesn't she have her on show on the network? If that's the case, then I don't think she's as desperate as you think. ;)



i missed anyone?


Ick, Bianca is still fugly! Even worse with that wierd wig of fury eating her head. (I think it resembles a black Pacman, upside down on her head.) But definitely no worse than PUG-fugly Jaslene. She STILL looks horrific. What PR designer picked her to model their clothes?

Are they talking to her in the next TME I wonder? Maybe she and Naima could wage war in a battle for the title of fugliest Top Model! Unfortunately this means we will be forced to endure her desperate attemtps to speak in that thick, I-have-too-much-saliva-in-my-mouth-voice.

Danielle, (or Dani as she prefers to be called now, what a joke) looks great, if a little starved and joyless. How did these girls get decent gigs in Fashion Week. Is Tyra finally pulling some strings to get these girls real work and convince us that there is an advantage to being the winner of ANTM now?

AND OMG, so we heard from Cassandra, and she did NOT inform us of any delusions about being the next Miss USA in the near future. It doesn't seem to matter what hair she has, she still looks possessed. The long brown hair certainly doesn't do her any favors though. She's a far cry from winning anything with this hairstyle and she looks even more like someone who would club you to death with her high heels if given half the chance.


"Ugh! I'm guessing the excessive makeup and completely unflattering hair has something to do with Asperger's."

How the fuck did I know that there was going to be an AS joke somewhere?

My friend would not shut up about her, assuming that I would be interested because I have Asperger's myself. I still couldn't care less about the show. I have little faith in a reality show accurately displaying a highly-misunderstood disorder, anyways.


the select dental is bascally a new york thing. oh geez, i always laugh at the "huband".


love the select dental reference


I think only the NYC-ers get that Select Dental comment, but that was PERFECT. Spot on. She's gorgeous, could totally represent them, and needs a gay man by her side to pose as her husband. But you don't have much of a lisp, Rich - I think that's required to "act" the husband in those commercials.

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